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Type 41 Gym Shoes

The Type 41 Gym Shoes are shoes that can be worn with the Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 40 as of YE 41.

Hanako wearing a Type 40 Exercise Uniform

The Type 41 Gym Shoes cost 50 KS for a pair and are available from the Star Army Clothing Store.


The Type 41 Gym Shoe was designed and manufactured by Ketsurui Zaibatsu before being put into mass production towards the start of YE 41 as a more luxurious and eye-catching version of the previously all-black sports shoes that came with the previous uniforms.


The Type 41 Gym Shoe was designed to be a little more luxurious and eye-catching than the standard sports shoes, the main colour is the standard Star Army Regal Blue with Command White soles and the Star Army Hinomaru across both sides of the ankles, additionally the Kinugoshi-ko laces are available in either Command White or Star Army Regal Blue. The shoes are flexible with extra cushioning to handle impacts that come with physical activities such as running, etc.


Type 41 Gym shoes are worn just like any other shoe, with each foot pulled into the cavity of the respective shoe before the laces are pulled firmly to make the shoe fit better, finally the laces are tied into a tight knot – simply untie this knot and pull the shoe off to remove it.

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