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Star Army Undergarments

As part of their standard issue, soldiers in the Star Army of Yamatai get undergarment kits. The type of underwear is selected by the individual soldier.

Undergarments considered an expendable item like a ballpoint pen or a can of engine oil, and thus the Star Army does not ask for them to be returned when a soldier leaves military service. It's on the list of issued items but not the list of turn-in items. Ergo it's basically yours. Actual uniforms, on the other hand, are on the turn-in list. It's okay to wear non-standard underwear too as long as it doesn't cause issues with the appearance of the uniform that's worn over it (e.g. weird bulges/lines, etc).

Additional undergarments are available for purchase for 1 KS per item.


Female soldiers are provided 6 comfortable black sports bras.


Each kit contains:



And six pairs of the one of the following underwear types:

All Star Army issue underwear is black or Star Army Regal Blue in color. Do not confuse the fundoshi with a table napkin.

OOC Notes

Underwear art was made by Wes using free-to-use lineart templates created by shadowinkwarrior.

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