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11th Squadron

The 11th Squadron was a unit of Plumeria-class gunships in the First Expeditionary Fleet. It was the basis for a plot run by raz that lasted from Oct 26, 2008 to Jan 12, 2010.

The story so far...

The 11th Squadron was ordered to report to Virgo Star Fortress and attend a briefing on the station, after which the captains learned that they would be escorting Taisho Hokusai Akiyo to Sbuhfaba. Following that assignment, the squadron was ordered to patrol the Ketsurui Military Sector. Since the onset of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, the squadron has not seen any meaningful action. They have been tasked with a new mission, apparently under the purview of SAINT, and are waiting to cast off.

Ships of the Eleventh

YSS Asterope (NG-X1-429)

YSS Aegle (NG-X1-430)

YSS Erytheia (NG-X1-431)

YSS Hesperia (NG-X1-433)

Dramatis Personæ

YSS Asterope

Taii Kameko
Chui Yoshihisa
  • Player: 5tar
  • About: Chui Yoshihisa Kimi is the First Officer aboard the YSS Asterope. She is a ruthless Neko who's specialty is weapons operation, and is fiercely loyal to her commander.
Ittô Heisho Toda
  • Player: 5tar
  • About: Ittô Heisho Amelia Toda on the YSS Asterope is a jack of all trades, but her official position is Communications Officer. She is the most cheery out of her small crew, and also a good cook.

YSS Aegle

Taii Seth Larai
  • Player: Kai
  • About: Taii, Seth Larai is the CO of theYSS Aegle and tries his hardest to be a professional. Somewhat prim and proper, he dislikes sloppiness, and will not tolerate it in himself or his crew.

YSS Erytheia

Taii Takahashi

YSS Hesperia

Taii Ozaki Kyosuke
  • Player: Doshii Jun
  • About: Taii Ozaki Kyosuke is, unfortunately, the commanding officer of the YSS Hesperia. He's there because he was ordered to, not because he asked for it. He's got excellent taste in alcohol.
Shoi Koriyama Aiko
  • Player: Doshii Jun
  • About: Shoi Koriyama Aiko is the newly suffering executive officer of the Hesperia. She disapproves alcohol, and has been nursing a seemingly potent dislike of her new commanding officer.
Shoi Kohosei Hayama Yohko
  • Player: Doshii Jun
  • About: Shoi Kohosei Hayama Yohko is the navigator aboard the Hesperia. She just wants her commanding officer to succeed and rally the troops properly! Is that so much to ask?

Acquaintances of the Squadron

  • Player: raz
  • About: An unnamed SAINT officer sent to oversee a mission tasked to the 11th Squadron during the opening clashes of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.
Taisho Hokusai

OOC Information

Roleplay occurred on the 11th Squadron forum. Users were expected to post at least once every week and a half.

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