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Star Army Century

A Century is a company-sized military unit of the Star Army of Yamatai consisting of 100 soldiers with power armor and a portable base of operations. The term is derived from the Elysian (Latin) word Centuria (plural Centuriae). This type of unit is also known as a Chūtai (中隊).

The Century/Chūtai is the basic building block of the Star Army's planetary forces, the Rikugun.

The shorthand for a century's designation “199th Century of the 236th Legion” is “199/236.”



The standard century contains the following occupations:

Platoons and Fire Teams

The Century is subdivided into five platoons: One support platoon (S) and four infantry platoons (A, B, C, and D). In the infantry platoons, the 20 soldiers (including the platoon leader) are divided into five fire teams, resulting in a fire team size of four soldiers. Each platoon has one medic (typically in the platoon leader's fire team). Infantry fire teams are referred to by platoon letter and team number; for example, “D5.”

The Centurion is the commanding officer, but there are other leadership posts consisting of platoon leaders and fire team leaders. In the event the commanding officer is killed or disabled, command rests on the shoulders of the senior platoon leader or intelligence officer.

Individual Gear

Unit Equipment

The following is a list of standard equipment provided by the government for a standard century.

Buildings (Portable)



Tools and Repair Supplies

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