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Giretsu Century of the 75th Legion

The Giretsu Century of the 75th Legion (G/75 or the “Black Kitsune”) is a century created on paper in YE 39. But due to limited training slots at SAIC, the unit was activated understaffed in YE 42. G/75 is presently commanded by Taii Yamanami Munemitsu with Joto Heisho Masashi Hansen as his Senior Enlisted Advisor. The unit's motto is “Redefining impossible”.

This is the wiki article for the unit. For the plot information, click here.


The G/75 was activated months on Nataria before the Third Battle Of Nataria. There they fought with distinction holding up and delaying a Kuvexian assault force moving on Fort Ready. Though not without considerable losses to their limited personnel and equipment. 10 soldiers irrevocably lost their lives that day, among them was the unit's first Centurion Taii Yamanami Munemitsu.

Notable Assigned Personnel

Commissioned Officers

Rank Occupation Name Assignment Player Notes
Shoi Star Army Centurion Mikael Harris Unit Commander Demibear
Shoi Intelligence Officer takamura_yuki Intel Officer/XO Demibear NPC:
A recent graduate of the Kyoto War College, Yuki makes a point to explain she is not an intelligence operative. How she got the XO slot is anyone's guess.
Shoi Star Army Infantry Homma Misakura Alpha Platoon Leader Demibear NPC
Another Kyoto War College graduate. Has a rivalry with Yuki that stems from their time as Shoi Kohosei.
Shoi Star Army Infantry iwasaki_aoi Charlie Platoon Leader Demibear NPC
A former Ketsurui samurai that stayed at the urging of Shimura Grace.
Shoi Star Army Ranger Blake West Recon Platoon Leader Demibear NPC
A career soldier that has climbed up the ranks to his current position. Focuses on his Rangers more than the rest of the century.

Non-Commissioned Officers

Rank Occupation Name Assignment Player Notes
Jôtô Heisho Star Army Infantry Masashi Hansen Senior Enlisted Advisor Demibear NPC:
A staunch infantryman that has seen action in both the First Mishhuvurthyar War and Second Mishhuvurthyar War, Masashi has been known to conflict with officers.
Ittô Heisho Star Army Infantry Hashida Aki Alpha Platoon Enlisted Advisor Demibear NPC
A mass-produced soldier created when the 75th Legion was stood up. Known for being overly friendly.
Ittô Heisho Star Army Ranger Shinomoto Fuyuko Recon Platoon Enlisted Advisor Demibear NPC
Like her platoon leader, Fuyuko is a career soldier. Though unlike her platoon leader, she does her best to make sure the platoon stays connected to the century.
Nitô Heisho Star Army Clerk Ingrid Mizumitsu Unit Admin Clerk Demibear NPC
A strict individual, Ingrid has been known to quote regulations when she knows she is right. Avoid her unless you must absolutely need to speak with her.
Nitô Heisho Star Army Cargo and Supply Mihara Namiko Unit Supply Clerk Demibear NPC
Namiko is known to be a bit of a trickister. Though she is very loyal to her assigned units and is a known to “acquire” items needed.

Junior Enlisted

Rank Occupation Name Assignment Player Notes
Santô Hei Star Army Infantry Hiroki Shibuya Alpha Platoon, demolition expert Winterrebelm78
Ittô Hei Star Army Cook Okayo Hijiki (小料理・日食) Command Section Aria
Santô Hei Star Army Medical Zheng Caiwei Alpha Platoon Uchuugun Medic Demibear NPC:
A shy but quirky dark-skinned woman from Hanako's World. Joined the Star Army of Yamatai and graduated training right when the Battle of Hanako's Star happened. She is not technically Giretsu trained. Connected to Athena Stamoules

Former/Inactive Personnel

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