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Legion 777

The 777th Legion is an infantry division of the Star Army Rikugun. The legion's homeworld is nataria and it is commanded by Shôshô Uzume, a former Ketsurui Samurai. It is comprised of two infantry brigades and is supported by a force of 12 Rikugun assault ships plus other assorted non-combatant vessels.

777th Legion Patch

Their patch has an image of planet Nataria and on it with 血 (“blood”) overlaid in white.


The legion was formed in YE 37 as part of 9,000,000 new soldiers created for Legions 634-1083. Following the disbandment of the 1SF Ketsurui Samurai Detachment in YE 39, the legion was re-organized and refit as a heavy formation to be led by Centurions drawn from those samurai who took the option to stay with the Star Army1) rather than continue direct service to the Ketsurui Clan. In all, the Legion's combat officer corps of 200 Centurions are all former samurai, as well as the Legion's commander and other selected command leaders. Many former journeywoman samurai trainees were also selected for the Legion after direct enlistment. So while the 777th does not have a monopoly on former Ketsurui Samurai within its ranks, it is certainly notable for their concentration.

The 777th launched alongside a Third Fleet task force to counter-attack the Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia in early YE 422), unknowingly escaping their home system just before the planet was besieged in what would become known as the Third Battle Of Nataria. Although many soldiers in the 777th found themselves disappointed that they could not participate in the defense of Yamataian soil, they pressed on with their mission to meet up with the forward-deployed YSS Kaiyō II and establish a foothold closer to Kuvexian territory.


In addition to the veteran leadership of approximately 200 battle-tested Ketsurui Samurai officers, one platoon per century is equipped with 15 Keiko THOUGHT Armor, culminating in its designation as a “heavy” Legion. The Legion's standard infantry Neko are equipped with Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor outfitted for ground combat rather than Daisy M6 Infantry Power Armor or Daisy II usually preferred for planetary duties. Centurions wear their NH-33 (Eihei) bodies with pride, and often paint their Mindy 4s in white-and-red livery for parade formations to emulate their old Ketsurui Samurai uniforms. .


Legion 777's first two battalions are fully combat deployable from 10 Kagai-class Assault Ships, while the rest are transported aboard 12 Courier 2B-class Medium Freighters outfitted with living quarters and cargo areas. A single Henry Chen-class Training Ship accompanies the legion to accommodate the training needs of any Century not assigned to a Kagai. Two Plumeria-class 2E/R refits accompany the Legion for quick reaction deployments.

Transport and Landing Section

The Legion

Star Army Infantry, Type 42 (Loadouts)

The following is the standard infantry loadout for a 777th Legion infantry Nekovalkyrja in YE 42, during the Kuvexian War.

Rikugun Hohei (Ground Army Soldier)

Rikugun Tekidanhei (Ground Army Grenadier)

OOC Notes

raz created this article on 2017/11/27 18:19. This page was originally created on 2020/08/20 19:28 by raz.

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Creation Notes

Raz originally had this idea when Wes finally announced how he'd be dealing with the Ketsurui Samurai happenings in Fred's plot. More broadly, raz is really into specialized, elite, and veteran historical military units and has wanted to do something new for the Star Army (previous works related include the Ninth Fleet and their elite Uchuugun invasion force and Star Army Intelligence being so cool today).

The Aiko's legion name was directly inspired by Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, and it also will share a bit of background in that this will be the first actual legion assigned to the Kuvexian War front (with the war progressing, there is finally a need for a legion to invade somewhere).

The actual feel of the legion is more inspired by Napoleon's Imperial Guard, particularly the practice of using Old and Middle Guard officers and NCOs to lead Young Guard formations. The parallel here is that former Ketsurui Samurai will be taking the reigns of the legion's fighting leadership. The original idea was to have an entire legion where the company-level officers were all former samurai and the company-level NCOs were former journeywomen, but calculations indicate that would mean 1,200 COMPANY-LEVEL OFFICERS and 10,000 COMPANY-LEVEL NCOs drawn from the ranks of former Ketsurui Samurai. That's clearly impossible, so we're going with JUST CENTURIONS (200) or CENTURIONS + FIRST PLATOON LT (400).

Regarding total samurai numbers in the organization before the Star Army's KetSam detachment was disbanded, in #Yamatai chat on Discord, Doshii Jun stated: “I always remember it as being small. Not beyond 1,000. That was the detachment when it was whole; units, even single Samurai members, were split and loaned out.”

They are “grenadiers” because it historically became the designator for “elite” infantry formations, and moreover can indicate a formation's “heavy” designation. Centurions have Eihei bodies and access to SARAH M7 samurai armor if they choose, and each platoon is slated to either get 1 Keiko per platoon or a few Keiko Heavy Infantry squads of 4 armor.

Other possible names were:

  • (愛子姫の京都人近衛擲弾兵師団) Aiko-hime no Miyakobito Konoe Tekidanhei Shidan = Princess Aiko's Kyoto Guards Grenadier Legion
  • (愛子姫の西部地区擲弾兵師団) Princess Aiko's Western District Grenadier Legion
  • and some insignificant others

Decided on “Natarian Grenadiers” because there are millions of unused Legion Neko from Nataria. Nataria is furthermore the homeworld of the Nekovalkyrja, including the Ketsurui.

Type 40 Star Army Infantry use a Mindy equipped like a Daisy with its Turbo Aether Plasma wings removed to cut down on its energy signature and function more like a Daisy. This choice was made because the Daisy is essentially obsolete compared to the Mindy 4, and underperforms in every aspect from toughness to damage output to the effectiveness of its sensor suite.

Kitsurugi Battalion

Since the invasion of Drib got rudely interrupted by Kuvexian provocateurs, this concept might change to a battalion of pure samurai (3 Centuries + HQ Century) that jams around the multiverse helping the Kaiyo do things.

Old WIP text

The 777th Legion, honored as Princess Aiko's Natarian Grenadier Legion3) following the siege of Naiva in mid YE 40, is an infantry division of the Star Army Rikugun. The legion's homeworld is nataria and it is commanded by Shôshô Uzume, a former Ketsurui Samurai.

The 777th got their name either because:

  • During her leave on Yamatai, Aiko says “all y'all follow me!” after her mummy disbanded the Star Army samurai detachment and so a bunch of them did. The same propagandists behind Aiko's purpose as a symbol of Yamataian/Ketsurui might on the warfront thought it'd be a good idea to put them all in one legion, re-name it after the princess, and send them to take a planet with the 1XF Squadron she is assigned to. This is the strongly preferred explanation.
  • The YSS Kaiyo II's heroism in battle and the fact they fought alongside a ~*~brave neko warrior princess~*~ makes them feel like they've got their honor back, or something.
  • A mixture of the two. i.e: they get named for propaganda purposes after the invasion.

Either it's 200 Centurions (easy to justify) or 200 Centurions then 200 1st Platoon Leaders (harder to justify). I'm going with all Centurions plus all platoon leaders because there are enough samurai and nobody seems to want to be obstructionist on the issue.


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