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Shinken Initiative

The Shinken Initiative is an organization within the Star Army of Yamatai with the purpose of researching and fostering interest in the old sword culture that belonged to the Yamatai Star Empire. Their primary focus is giving in depth training to soldiers that can later be used as security for enclosed or retrained environments or combat specialist. However they also offer courses intended for law enforcement, as well as sporting and hobby courses for civilians.

Their main office is located on Planet Yamatai and is used as a martial research facilities as well as the primary location for offering Gendai-Sensō branch classes.


The Shinken Initiative was formally founded in YE 37 but the actual start of the program was back in YE 35 with the creation of a batch of melee specialized Nekovalkyrja. Due to their better than expected performance more resources were allocated as time went on until the organization was officially recognized as a child organization of the Star Army of Yamatai.


The Shinken Initiative spends most of its resources on furthering melee weapon culture in the Yamatai Star Empire in a variety of ways. However its main focus is both teaching Gendaijutsu and hosting martial arts tournaments. Using their initial connections with the Star Army of Yamatai, they have also become an optional training program for soldiers and officers alike to undertake and improve their combat abilities.


The Shinken Initiative is run by two individuals, Daichi Kurogane who manages and runs the organization, and Kazue Sonohana who is the head instructor of Gendaijutsu. The two main branches of the organization are the research branch which conducts research into martial arts and ways of designing appropriate weapons for modern martial arts to be useful in war, and the teaching branch, which spends its time improving the teaching methods used, as well as actually teaching.


There are often misconceptions about the company, as their methods seem rather contrary to those of the Ketsurui Samurai. However, the Shinken Initiative holds the Ketsurui Samurai in high regard for its maintaining traditional arts. The initiative is aware, though, that the traditional methods aren't for everyone, and created their program to fill the gap in cultural awareness as well as military trianing.


The Shinken Initiative does not have the facilities to mass produce their own weapons, but they sourced their ideas to other companies to handle mass production. These are the weapons that the company has designed;

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