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SOFT 555 "Chōchō"

SOFT 555 is a Special Operations Fire Team, a small, semi-independent special operations force that works for the Star Army of Yamatai. Its name comes from the name for butterflies in Yamataigo (邪馬台語), one of the most plentiful and beautiful types of insects in Yamataian space1).

The Special Operations Team Logo; a butterfly bearing the all-seeing eye of SAINT as it approaches a branch.

Formation and Service Record

Formed in YE 40 along the backbone of experience from Hasewega Sara - someone whom had been corresponding with Operation Leader Shibui Mame, SOFT 555 was created to initially assist in ensuring the success of Operation Bakuwana while also serving as a training ground for aiding in the creation of additional SOFT Teams2) and to eventually facilitate 555's departure into a more traditionally independent asset for future SAINT Operations.

Operations Team

The Operations team works in the field to complete objectives, through whatever means their missions and operations calls for.

Role Rank Name Codename
Team Leader Jôtô Heisho Hasewega Sara Monarch
Combat Engineer3) Santô Hei Leshi Maevo White Admiral
Heavy Weapons Nitô Heisho Truly Venus Hairstreak
Scout Santô Hei Aeta Nanao (NPC)4) Ringlet
Medic5) - None Currently N/A

Support Team

The support team organizes missions and provides support for the operations team.

Role Rank Name Codename
Commander Chusa Shibui Mame Mother Nature
Supply Yontô Hei Baku (NPC) Father Earth
InfoWar Santô Juni Nanaki Shigo (NPC) Palawan
Medical Staff6) Nitô Juni Dion'Sirith Gardener


The inventory of SOFT 555 comes from many places; these can often be organized by Operation-based equipment and traditionally/insured available regardless of operation type.

Currently Requested / Operational Equipment

SOFT 555 currently utilizes gear requisitioned to Operation Bakuwana as well as their personal equipment; however, the team has been assigned and utilizes the following equipment…

Disposable Equipment / Requisition Equipment

This equipment is traditionally available for easy-access requisition and is considered gear almost always in good supply regardless of the operational status of the SOFT 555…

Operational Log

Below are the various – classified – logs and recounts of the operation's actions pertaining to SOFT 555, useful for review and administrational honors.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2018/10/11 07:12 by Legix.

In stark contrast to the vile and disgusting Rixxikor.
By creating agents capable of leading other teams.
Designated Pilot
Pictured to the right.
Optional Team Member
For post/between mission and “downtime” medical duties
Kept within special code-locked container pods at their current FOB; additional suits are kept as back-ups to allow each SOFT Operative a reserve suit.
Currently concealed in a special launch area on Anisa; utilizes disguise codes for operating within Yamataian space.

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