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Task Force 75

Task Force 75 is a secret, special Star Army of Yamatai medical task force created in YE 36 to combat large-scale medical disasters such as pandemic outbreaks of disease. It is capable of Transuniversal Operations. It is based out of Nataria Fleet Depot and its current commander, like its existence, is not publicly known. The ships are officially listed as “decommissioned, in storage” and when they leave on a mission, it's a “maintenance testing exercise.”


Upon its creation in YE 36, Task Force 75 was immediately called on to deploy to another universe to defend a region from a virus that had infected over 15 billion people. Task Force 75 was staffed with mostly newly-created Nekovalkyrja and a selected team of veteran doctors and scientists. Due to time constraints, the fleet was deployed with little training; however, using the advanced medical resources of their ships, the Task Force was able to develop a cure for the virus and began delivering it in the form of long-range cure-dispersal missiles. The mission was an overwhelming success, with every victim of the virus cured within 12 hours and zero deaths.

Task Force 75 dealt with a similar incident in YE 37 with equally successful results, this time adding carriers to their forces to deliver cure missiles via starfighters.

In YE 38, Task Force 75 attempted to combat another viral outbreak, however this time the strain was much more virulent and the results were catastrophic. The Star Army fought as well as it could to research and deliver a cure, but because of open borders and a lack of international cooperation, the region was quickly overrun by the infected and had a survival rate of 27.71%. Over 7.58 billion people died.

Since YE 39 additional outbreaks have occurred once or twice a year and the survival rate has been 100% for them with the help of TF 75.

Task Force 75 was deployed again in YE 431). TF 75 developed a cure and was able to get the infection under control and then assist an ally, bringing their survival rate up to over 85% from 10% in less than two hours. Unfortunately the cure distribution experienced a major, unexpected disruption that halted cure progress and required the task force to start over again. A number of allied dead reanimated for unexplained reasons, and this actually worked to the Task Force's advantage because once they were zombies again, they could be cured. Through hard work overnight, TF75 restored its progress, made new missiles, and finished off the infected, resulting in clearing the entire affected region with zero deaths and zero infected remaining, a survival rate of 100%.


The Task Force was created with ships procured from Nataria Fleet Depot.

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