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Old Standard Utility Truck

Since even before its official formation, the Star Army of Yamatai has used variations of the standard utility truck. Star Army utility trucks are open-top trucks with seats for two people. The driver sits on the left side while a passenger sits on the right. Behind the seats is the cargo bed, where the soldiers can store supplies and equipment.

The trucks are built from a steel alloy high in titanium, armored with fullerene body plates and a transparent Zesuaium windshield. They run on hydrogen fuel cells; alternatively, some trucks have small aether generators. Older models have engines that can run on enthanol, diesel, gasoline, or jet fuel.

The standard utility truck can fit into the rear compartment of a Ke-T4 "Fox" Combat Aeroshuttle if the seats and supply chests are removed.

OOC: These trucks are Star Army's equivalent of a small jeep1) (but with armored side doors).

Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler LLC.

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