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Nodal Delivery Munition, Type 42

When Kage Yaichiro created Nodal Command 2719 in YE 39, it provided a positive defense against Rixxikor infestation by using the femtomachines to render their eggs inert. Nodal Command 2719 was perfectly effective, for any Star Army of Yamatai ship or on developed planets of the Yamatai Star Empire. In frontier regions, such as the outlying systems of the former United Outer Colonies farthest from the core, planets lacked the protection of even the earliest iterations of the Nodal System. In territory denied by the Kuvexian Military and other places already infested with Rixxikor, setting up the traditional system was not an option.

The pressing need for such a system to prevent Rixxikor reinforcements during a Star Army of Yamatai invasion was clear, and the development of the Nodal Liquid Conduit System in early YE 42 and the formation of the 17th Strategic Bomber Group "Dragons" provided the inspiration for the Nodal Delivery Munition. Grapefruit, former Sprite of Hotaru Star Fortress, and one of Kage Yaichiro's research associates developed the idea into a weapons system to be manufactured by Yugumo Corporation.


Filled from ship's Nodal Liquid Conduit System, the warhead can be delivered in torpedo or bomb form factors. Additionally, since the device poses no threat to Star Army of Yamatai personnel and civilians, it may be placed by infantry and rigged with any standard detonator.

Available delivery munitions currently in the Star Army inventory include:

The Nodal femtomachines from a single deployment Nodal Delivery Munition do not have the capacity for self-sustainment when deployed in locations that lack the infrastructure for them. However, repeated or sustained deployment of the Nodal Delivery Munition can quickly saturate the atmosphere with femtomachines, potentially creating a long-term equilibrium as older machines are recycled for new.


This munition is designed to be delivered by other Star Army of Yamatai weapons systems. It is a new payload for existing munitions.

  • Damage Rating: None.
  • Size: A sphere 0.5m in diameter.
  • Caliber: As delivery system.
  • Damage Description: Disperses Nodal femtomachines over a spherical area of about 500km radius.
  • Effective Range: As delivery system.
  • Muzzle Velocity: As delivery system.
  • Muzzle Blast: As delivery system.
  • Recoil: As delivery system.
  • Energy Source: Internal pressurized charges.

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