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Armor Service Pistol, Type 29

The KZ Type 29 Armor Service Pistol is used by the Star Army of Yamatai.

About the ASP

With the possibility of Nekovalkyrja in armor acting as dedicated ground troops, especially in urban settings, Ketsurui Zaibatsu considered developing a weapon that would go well with the Ke-M4-W2901 Light Armor Service Rifle. It was to be a closer-range weapon, focusing on packing most of its punch within a 100-meter range, but still able to damage armor.

Using that broad idea, commanders and consultants drew up specific parameters the weapon had to meet:

  • Size: No more than 350 mm long, 200 mm tall, and 30 mm wide
  • Mass: No more than 6 kg
  • Capacity: At least 50 rounds
  • Damage: Enough to damage or injure an M1 Phalanx
  • Mounts: Harpy, Daisy
  • Entered service: YE 29

With that criteria in hand, KZ's designers came up with a weapon that was based off the LASR's frame, but smaller and lighter in all dimensions, coming across as a compromise between a machine pistol and a submachine gun. Its most important asset, however, is its low production cost.

In the RP

It is a short-range weapon, designed to blast holes rather than rattle or pierce as the LASR does. Though it is a long weapon, its light weight makes it easy for an armored pilot to lift it and use it. The HESH rounds are important to its role: Armors can manipulate when the rounds explode. Don't expect this to be a makeshift sniper rifle though; accuracy of the round might be good, but the gun itself is built to be compact.


Damage: DRv2 Tier 4, Light Anti-Armor, Damage Rating (Version 3) Tier 4 Light Anti-Armor

Range: 100 m effective; 500 m maximum


Basically, field-stripping is easy. There really is nothing to clean that's produced by the gun; cleaning out the barrel and trigger group's done by dropping the magazine, pulling the trigger, pushing the safety and the fire selector up, and pulling on the charging handle, which will drag the entire trigger group out in one neat package. The barrel can be unattached from there.


This one's tough. This is the initial inspiration. However, I wanted to put my own spin on it as well, and mixed it with a favorite of mine, the Steyr MPi 69. But the grip angle is the same as the LASR, and it looks like a LASR in general appearance. Which confuses everyone, I know. Just imagine it to be most like the Zero Buster, with the stock being collapsible instead of fixed, and give it a more pistol-like appearance and barrel, with a charging handle on top instead of sights and stuff.

For the sake of having some detail, at least, note that it has polymer furniture and the rest is titanium or (occasionally) steel.


  • Name: Ketsurui Zaitabsu Type 29 Armor Service Pistol Mark I
  • Designation: Ke-M6-W2901 ASP Mk.I
  • Class: Armor-grade machine pistol
  • Type: Full-size service railgun
  • Mounts: M4 Sylph I, M5 Harpy, M6 Daisy
  • Profile: Close quarters, urban combat weapon


  • Length: 260 mm (10.23 in)
  • Width: 32 mm (1.25 in)
  • Height: 185 mm (7.25 in)
  • Barrel length: 180 mm (7 in)
  • Sight to sight: 230 mm (9.05 in)
  • Grip width: 33 mm (1.14 in)
  • “Bolt” length: 100 mm (3.93 in)
  • Extendable stock length: 230 mm (9.05 in)
  • Mass: 6 kg (13.22 lbs)
  • Trigger pull: 1 kg (2.2 lbs)

Bullet statistics

  • Caliber: 7 x 15 Ketsurui Zaibatsu Caseless, pistol variant (0.27-diameter round, .59-in long)
  • Magazine capacity: 50 rounds, helical back-mounted magazine
  • Round speed: 500 m/s (1,640 ft/s)
  • Round weight: 26 grams (400 grains)
  • Round energy: 3,237 j (2,388 ft/lbs)
  • Round trajectory: About -0.5 cm / 100 m (-0.19 in / 109.36 yd)
  • Round type: High-Explosive Squash Head

Battery statistics

  • Length: 70 mm (2.75 in)
  • Width: 18 mm (0.70 in)
  • Height: 10 mm (0.39 in)
  • Charges: About 1,000 rounds
  • Recharge time: 2 hours
  • Battery life: 100 days without use.

Cost and manufacture

Weapon cost: 8,000 KS Production cost: 8 SRP / 10 weapons Production materials: Titanium, steel, polymers Production time: About two hours per weapon

Lower-grade steel will result in a weapon unable to handle the heat and stress of the HESH round. Use only the highest grade of steel available, and if possible, utilize perfect iron.

Parts and additions

  • Barrel: 3,000 KS
  • Magazine: 100 KS
  • Holster: 900 KS
  • Emrys Industries 4x red-dot scope: 100 KS
  • Replacement action: 3,000 KS
  • Battery: 1,000 KS
  • Box of ammunition (100 rounds): 100 KS


Firing Mechanism: Round is pushed into barrel's chamber from the magazine by pulling back the bolt (via the “dorsal” charging handle) on the gun and letting it be magnetically pulled back toward the receiver. Magnetic pulse is charged behind the round by this action. The bolt will cycle the battery and charge another pulse.The magnetic pulse is then fired behind the round once the trigger is pulled, sending the round between the differently charged rails inside the barrel of the weapon. The moment the pulse is fired, it pushes the slide back, recharging the pulse projector and bringing a new round to the front of the magazine to be stripped and put into the chamber. Cycle repeats.

Special folding stock: As the weapon is modeled after a machine pistol, but with the ability to be an SMG, a special stock was developed. In essence, a metal “bar” extends from the back of the weapon. The bar is only a couple inches long; it is attached to two metal rails that follow it; these are collapsible rails. From the bar folds down a collapsible metal stock. The stock looks to be, when viewing its profile, a rough quarter-circle. It is not a tough stock, but it is very compact, and can sustain most of the abuse of battle.

Recoil: Heavy. An unarmored non-Neko soldier attempting to fire this weapon would break their wrists. An NH-17R or NH-27 could fire the weapon, but it would be like firing a .50-caliber round from a compact pistol – only the first round would be controlled. Armored soldiers can control the weapon fairly well.

Safety: Located in front of the trigger in the form of a button; will disconnect link to magnetic pulse generator.

Fire mode selector: Just above the slide, and below the rear iron sight. Flip up lever for automatic; pull down for single.

Sighting: Mostly AIES reliant, as using the iron sights is a last resort only. Has no capability for added attachments, but does have a built-in light. AIES essentially guesstimates the line of fire based on where the gun is pointed, much like an invisible laser pointer would.

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