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General Service Pistol, Type 28

Yamatai's General Service Pistol, or “GSP” for short, is a solid-ammunition weapon that relies on chemically propelled projectiles packed into cartridges. The weapon uses 10 mm, or .40-caliber, ammunition. It was produced by Ketsurui Zaibatsu for the Star Army of Yamatai starting YE 28.

The pistol felt good in Yukari's hands. The wooden grip felt just the right size in her hands. She'd never become used to the NSP, no matter the grip. Something about the weight of the GSP worked. And the spur hammer was a nice touch, fitting well with the somewhat-blocky slide that was just shallow enough. 15 rounds gave it the perfect balance, though less did not ruin the balance much.

Damage ratings:


  • 125 for old Type 28 version
  • 150 KS for Type 28A with light/laser
  • 200 KS for Type 28B with rail

Type 28 & 28A

The Type 28 and Type 28A were early models. They are no longer produced.

  • Made for human or neko
  • Integrated laser/light system
  • Semi-automatic, 15-round capacity
  • No longer in production, but fairly common

Type 28B

The Type 28B was a more refined version that saw extensive production.

  • Made for human or neko
  • Semi-automatic, 15-round capacity
  • Rail for laser/light
  • Replaced older Type 28 GSP
  • More common than the older models

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