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Ke-B5-W3900 Amenonuhoko-Class Main Weapon Array

The Ke-B5-W3900 Amenonuhoko-Class Main Weapon Array is the primary weapon array designed for use aboard the Izanagi-Class Dreadnought. This weapons system first saw deployment aboard the Izanagi-class in YE 40.

About the KE-B5-W3500 Amenonuhoko-Class Main Weapon Array

Izanagi-Class Dreadnought

The KE-B5-W3900 Amenonuhoko-Class Main Weapon Array is a variable energy field projection system of incredible scope and power, capable of operating in three distinct modes. The first firing mode is as an aether shock array, the second is as a transposition array and the third is as an artificial wormhole vortex generator.

As an aether shock array the Amenonuhoko generates a cone-shaped scalar (electrogravitic) field that disrupts space/time within a target region at the quantum level, causing a massive tear in the fabric of reality. The resulting spatial instability releases all the potential energy within the affected region of space in the form of a massive and incredibly destructive flood of aether particles and other forms of hard radiation. The unstable aether particles interact catastrophically with nearly all forms of matter and energy, disrupting defensive barriers and interfering with the fundamental nuclear forces that binds matter together.

As a transposition array the weapon system folds space/time between two points, generally causing reality within the targeted area to collapse in on itself implosively. In this mode, the array places an incredible strain on the affected area of space/time that can take weeks or even months to “heal,” creating a trench-like pseudo-black hole phenomenon in space that will attempt to draw in and 'crush' certain objects or ships in its vicinity, depending on whether or not they are actively utilizing space/time anchors or distortion-based technology.

The array's use as a wormhole vortex generator is an outgrowth of transposition technology. By creating, manipulating and interposing two artificial quantum singularities, each being composed of either infinite attractive or repulsive force at their event horizons (a black hole and a white hole), the Amenonuhoko-class main weapon array is able to generate a wormhole, effectively allowing the device to physically displace matter across the universe instantaneously. This mode of operation has several uses, including repositioning enemy forces, installations, planetary and stellar bodies, or as as an alternative means of instantaneous faster-than-light travel for both the Izanagi-class and any accompanying support ships. However, the wormhole vortices generated by the array are temporary due to their lack of fixed-position gate devices on either end of the apertures and will inevitably become unstable and collapse.

Statistics and Performance

General Information

Class: Weapon Subsystem Type: Aether Shock / Transposition Array Nomenclature: MT-B5-W3900 Designers: Star Army Research Administration Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Production: Limited Production Availability: Restricted - Star Army of Yamatai use only

Personnel Requirements

Crew: 2,500 for Minimal Operation, 25,000 for Extended Operation


Aether Shock Array

Transposition Array

Wormhole Vortex Array

  • Effective Range 7500 AU (6.97177 × 10^11 miles)
  • Rate of Fire: Once every 45 seconds

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