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Ke-B5-W3906 Type 39 250mm Heavy Anti-Mecha Missile Rack

Designed exclusively for shipborne usage with the Izanagi-Class Dreadnought, the Ke-B5-W3906 Type 39 250mm Heavy Anti-Mecha Missile Rack is the secondary anti-fighter and anti-mecha weapon system on the Izanagi-class. There are two-hundred and fifty of these missile racks on the hull of the Izanagi-class.

The missile racks have a three-dimensional square base (which is stored within the hull of the ship) and a rotating rack stand, the base and neck of which are made of Zesuaium. When not in use, the missile racks are retracted within the hull of the ship and are covered with a zesuaium plate.

Warhead: Multi-purpose Shield and Armor Piercing (MSAP)

Warhead: Aetheric Impact Module (AIM)

OOC Notes

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