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Ke-M2-W2905-BPX Gauss Cannon Backpack Extension

The Ketsurui Fleet Yards Ke-M2-W2905-BPX Gauss Cannon backpack extension is an Durandium Alloy-sheathed module holding an extra 60 rounds for the operation of the shoulder-mounted Gauss cannon. Ammunition can be accessed from either the left side or the right and the pack allows to simultaneously feed two W2905 cannons if needed (30 shots each).

  • Damage: Only when used with Ke-M2-W2905 Shoulder-Fired 50mm Gauss Cannon; Kills occupants of other armors by piercing and explosive force or by kinetic energy (Zesuaium armored units)
  • Payload Provides 60 extra rounds to use with the Gauss Cannon (see Appendix B).

Date entered service: YE 29

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