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Ke-M2-W3900 Shoulder-Fired 20mm Gauss Cannon

The Ketsurui Fleet Yards Ke-M2-W3900 Shoulder-Fired 20mm Gauss Cannon began manufacture in YE39. It is derived from the Ke-M2-W2905 Shoulder-Fired 50mm Gauss Cannon and is meant to replace it in the anti-armor role. It represents a significant advancement in Gauss Cannon technology over its predecessor. The smaller 20mm size was chosen over the 50mm size so that more ammunition could be carried and higher velocities reached. The higher velocities allowed the 20mm round to have longer range, better penetration, and higher damage. The shoulder joint was also redesigned, allowing it to pivot up, down, and side-to-side in a 135 degree arc, allowing it to fire hands-free at any target to the front or above from a standing position, or to be used as a shoulder-fired sniper weapons from a prone position. It is also designed to interface smoothly into Armor Integrated Electronics System (AIES), allowing a user to designate targets and allow the suit's computer to take care of the actual firing. It also has a larger selection of ammunition then it's predecessor, allowing for greater flexibility.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-Armor
  • Secondary Purpose: Indirect Fire
  • Damage: Ammunition-dependent
  • Effective Range 50,000m
  • Rate of Fire: Single shot Semi-Automatic
  • Payload 25 rounds in a box magazine or 100 rounds in a helical magazine. Optional backpack extension increases capacity by 400 rounds.

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