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Ke-M6-W3404 Impactor

The Ke-M6-W3404 Impactor is a handheld melee weapon designed specifically for the Daisy 2. Essentially a folding baton with a spike on one end, it is designed as a last-ditch weapon which can increase an armor's reach in close combat, as well as increase the force with which melee attacks hit.

The Impactor is composed of three telescoping sections which collapse into one another in order to make the weapon more compact for storage. Each section is roughly 20 centimeters long, giving the Impactor an overall length of approximately 60 centimeters. The Impactor is made of Nerimium, meaning it is fairly dense, heavy, and durable.

The Impactor is stored inside the armor beneath the forearm of the armor, and can be ejected into the armor's hand by a simple command, either via SPINE or via brainwave monitoring. To replace the weapon, it is simply collapsed and pushed into the cavity it normally occupies, until a click is heard, ensuring that it has been securely placed.

Damage Capacity: 2 SP armor scale. Damage Rating: Variable. Can maim or kill unarmored opponents, may be able to damage light armor, and cause blunt injury to pilots of other power armor.

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