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Ke-M6-W3405 Daisy Wristblade

Made specifically to fit at the underside of the forearm opposite of the Pulse Energy Weapon typically found on the Daisy II and avoid interfering with any wrist mounted shield, the wristblade adds a much needed melee weapon to the suit with little cost.

This was introduced into service at the same time as the Daisy II in YE 34.

About the Ke-M6-W3406 Wristblade

The original Daisy M6 Infantry Power Armor suffered from the lack of a melee weapon. Ketsurui Zaibatsu and Origin Industries understood that in the field the typical Daisy I fared very poorly when faced with Mishhuvurthyar and their powerful tentacles or Rippers and their integrated blades in close quarters combat. The two companies knew that an effective, cheap and easy to produce melee weapon was badly needed.

The first, stopgap solution was to create the Ke-M6-W3404 Impactor, but this was overall ineffective against the Mishhuvurthyar tentacles and incapable of parrying Zesuaium edged weapons. These obvious shortcomings lead to the development of the Ke-M6-W3405 wristblade; a Durandium Alloy blade body with a Zesuaium coating and monomolecular edge.

Nomenclature Information

Below you will find the general nomenclature information of the weapon:


The Wristblade is designed to fit seamlessly on the armor, looking as if it were an original component rather than an accessory. It is built up in a basic, utilitarian sort of manner, Being little more than the blade, a motorized pivot point to flip it into position and an elongated attachment that provides the base of the unit. The base of the unit is attached via a hardpoint to the underside of the forearm and wrist, wrapping around to flow seamlessly with the armor's design. In the middle of the base there is a rotating protrusion which acts as a sheath when the blade is folded, which protects the user and others from cutting themselves when the blade is stowed.

Weapon Mechanisms and Information

The Wristblade has several systems which work together to allow the weapon to function as intended.

Blade Composition

The blade is primarily constructed of Durandium Alloy for its low cost. It is coated with a very thin layerZesuaium, which increases the effectiveness and strength of the blade. By using both Durandiu and Zesuaium, the blade is kept both powerful and economical to resource usage. It is capable of cutting through most materials so long as sufficient force is applied, due to its sharp monomolecular edge, and will not dull. As an added bonus due to the presence of Zesuaium, the wristblade can successfully parry blades of full Zesuaium construction, and can even counter aether blades for a short time before becoming damaged.


While primarily intended to cut and stab enemies, as a double-edged blade, it can be used for a number of tasks. Folding and unfolding the wrist-blade is usually done with a mental command, either the desire for the weapon to be unfolded automatically, or an actual mental command such as “open blade” or “Deploy blade”. Upon receiving the command to unfold, the servo makes the blade flip out from its sheath which causes the blade to telescope to its full length and then locks when in fully extended forward.

As the blade folds into the side under the forearm, some caution must be taken when folding and unfolding, as the blade swings out and may cut other objects and personnel.

Weapon Modes

The weapon can alternate between folded and unfolded, and the User can command the weapon to fold without retracting, keeping the sheath open and allowing the blade to be used by protruding from the elbow.

Safety Sheath

Because the Wristblade is coated in monomolecular-edged Zesuaium, it has a rotating sheath built into the base for safety purposes. The blade folds into a long slot created by an elevated portion of the base and is then covered by the rotating sheath; this prevents the blade from accidentally slicing objects or people when the user is moving about. Additionally, the protruding portion of the blade that goes past the forearm and elbow has a telescoping extension of the inbuilt sheath - when attempting to deliberately 'elbow' with the folded blade, this portion will automatically retract and clear the blade.

Internal Telescoping Blade mechanism

To prevent the user from self injury when the blade is unfolded, the blade houses an internal telescoping mechanism. When deployed, the blade moves forward by six inches and locks into place, clearing the sharp edge from the hand. This also has the added benefit of ensuring that the full length of the blade can be utilized. When the blade is not in use or folding, the telescoping mechanism retracts the weapon.

Attachment Hard Points

The weapon takes up a single lower-forearm attachment hardpoint, and can be attached and detached either by the user or by a technician.

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