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Ke-T10-W4301 "Namikaze" Missile Launcher

The Ke-T10-W4301 “Namikaze” Missile Launcher is the dorsal mini-missile launcher system included on the Ke-T10 "Fukuro" Multi-Role Shuttle which became available in YE 43.

About the "Namikaze" Missile Launcher

The “Namikaze” Missile Launcher is an evolution of the Ke-T8-W3101 Mini-Missile Launcher Pod. It is integrated into the dorsal hull of the Ke-T10 "Fukuro" Multi-Role Shuttle. “Namikaze (波風)” translates to “Wave Wind” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語). The launcher system is designed to be loaded by drop-in from above aft of the launcher assembly. The system is designed to deliver mini-missiles.

The system was designed at Ketsurui Fleet Yards Starship System Testing Facility at Nemesis Bastion specifically for the Ke-T8-W3101 Mini-Missile Launcher Pod in YE 43. The design favored a hull-integrated design, because attachable pods are more easily targetted by enemy craft. It was also decided that the missile designed for the system would be a single design, compressed aether warhead missile that is guided with the assistance of the shuttle's Compact Integrated Electronics System (CIES).


The Missile Launcher System is a multi-facet assembly integrated on the dorsal surface of the shuttle's hull.

General Statistics

General Information on the Ke-T10-W4301 “Namikaze” Missile Launcher.

This weapon system is integrated into the dorsal surface of the shuttle.

Year of Creation YE 43
Designer Ketsurui Fleet Yards
Nomenclature Ke-T10-W4301
Alt. Nomenclature N.A
Manufacturer Ketsurui Fleet Yards
Fielded by Star Army of Yamatai
Availability Mass Production
Fire Power
Ammunition No.1 Guided Compressed Aether Mini-Missile
Payload 100 mini-missiles
Damage Rating (Version 3) Tier 4 “Medium Anti-Armor”
Typical Usage Anti-Armor Missile Attack
Delivery Volley of 1, 4, and 6
Range 150 km (Atmosphere) and 100,000km (Space)
Ammunition Source Aether Missile
Price 10,500 KS

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