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Ke-M2-W3703 Special Operations-Derived Combat Knife

The Ke-M2-W3703 Special Operations-Derived Combat Knife is a combination bayonet-fighting knife designed by Ketsurui Zaibatsu in YE 37 as a supplemental close combat weapon for used with modern combat long arms. Initially intended to be used purely by Special Operations Fire Teams, the SOCK was later adopted for usage by other Star Army groups.

About the Ke-M2-W3703 Special Operations-Derived Combat Knife

Some weapons are clearly designed with a purpose in mind, existing before or in spite of a need for them. Other weapons are created to fill needs that no-one thought would be needed. The Ke-M2-W3703 Special Operations Combat Knife is one of those weapons, carefully crafted based on existing third party knives popular with various Infantry and Special Operations operatives within the Star Army and Rikugun. The SOCK is very much a case of “Solving a problem before it became a Bigger Problem”, an example of Ketsurui Fleet Yards taking input from the field and working hard to turn it into a functional weapon.

Initially it was believed that there was no need for any sort of combat knife for infantry and special operations troops: The built in weapons on any armor would be enough for any conceivable situation where melee was needed… except that wasn't the case. Situations where unarmored infantry were faced with melee combat against a variety of nasty aliens arose; reports of failed operations where the telltale heat of a plasma blade or signature of an aether saber gave away a team at the last minute; casualties in close combat where a soldier inadvertently disarmed themselves switching from a long rifle to use their forearm weapons. These events started to come in slow at first, but soon a solution had to be found.

Working with laboratory tests and limited in-field deployments of test models, KFY and SARA eventually narrowed their prototypes down to a working version. Within days the design was further streamlined for mass production, and the SOCK entered service.

Nomenclature Information

  • Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards, Star Army of Yamatai (Aboard starships)
  • Name: Special Operations-Derived Combat Knife
  • Nomenclature: Ke-M2-W3703
  • Type: Handheld Combat Knife / Bayonet
  • Role: Slashy/Stabby Utility knife/ Bayonet
  • Length(Overall): 15.5 inches
  • Length(Blade): 11 inches


The SOCK is a long and straight combat knife with a thick stabbing blade with a flattened diamond shaped cross section, specialized for piercing and stabbing attacks while still allowing for some degree of slashing; and a black, rubberized handle to prevent slipping. The weapon has a slightly larger than average cross guard and pommel to support the two bayonet rings attached in line with each other. In most production runs the knife blade has an cleaned metallic sheen to it, though other production runs have the blade burnished to a darker color to prevent detection.

Weapon Mechanisms and Information

Blade Composition

The SOCK's blade is constructed out of Yama-Dura Alloy, combining the superior strength and self healing capabilities of a Yamataium spine with the flexibility of a Durandium edge.


When not in use, the SOCK is stored in a special scabbard normally worn on an armor's chest. The scabbard is the same material as the special coverings once used for the Yui-class Scout's sharp edges.

Bayonet Ring & Adapter

The Special Operations-Derived Combat Knife features a pair of bayonet rings attached to the pommel and cross guard, allowing it to be securely attached to a rifle's barrel and used as a bayonet when the situation calls for it.

The SOCK also comes with an Adapter Kit, which can be fitted to any standard Star Army long arms. The adapter allows the rifle to securely mount the SOCK as a bayonet.

OOC Notes

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Product Categoriesweapons: melee
Product NameSpecial Operations-Derived Combat Knife
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards, Star Army of Yamatai
Year ReleasedYE 37
DR v3 maxTier 2

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