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Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 27

Type 27 Black Type 27 Silver

The Type 27 NSP is a lightweight, rugged, and customizable energy weapon which can heavily damage both organics and metals through use of phased energy pulse technology to disrupt molecular bonds. It features an integrated laser sight, tactical flashlight, and a shots remaining display on the rear of the gun. No “iron sights,” however, are included. The grip is designed for a Nekovalkyrja standard 3-fingered hand and is made of either polished walnut, or a textured, slip-resistant rubberized polymer. Frame is made of advanced metal-ceramic. It includes a safety switch by the laser/light unit and also a safe mode on the selector switch. It should be noted that the laser and flashlight are powered by an internal battery that is recharged every time a new magazine is inserted. The internal battery lasts about 10 hours (using both the laser and the light) without magazine power.

  • In pulse mode, pulling the trigger halfway fires a single shot. Fully pulling the trigger fires until the trigger is released. Only pulse firing can be used in automatic.
  • The weapon's heavy mode expends 5 times as much energy, for a grenade-like effect.
  • Stun mode fires a scalar pulse designed to temporarily overcome and disable the target's nervous system and works on both organics and electronics. Pulling the trigger lightly fires enough scalar waves to disable an average human without permanent damage. Pulling firmly fires enough to disable a Nekovalkyrja.

The Type 27 NSP was designed by the Kyoto chapter of SARA in early YE 27 at the request of Taisho Ketsurui Yui. The Star Army needed a pistol capable of stunning as well as the normal lethal role, plus integrated accessories. The NSP replaced the WickedArms GP-13 Pulse Pistol in the Star Army of Yamatai's Nekovalkyrja Fleets as the standard sidearm worn with the uniform. It was primarily produced in Kyoto, Yamatai, and on Hoshi no Iori from YE 27 to YE 28.

The Type 27 NSP was phased out in YE 28 in favor of the Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 28.

Standard Product Nomenclature System: Ke-W1

BR-27 Battery Magazine

The Type 27 NSP is powered by a Ketsurui Zaibatsu BR-27 rechargable battery magazine that contains enough power for 25 shots. It slides into the bottom of the pistol grip.

OOC Notes

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