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Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 28

The Type 28 NSP is the successor to the highly successful Type 27 NSP produced by Ketsurui Zaibatsu the previous year. While the two weapons share many similarities, their parts (including magazines) are not interchangeable because the pistol has been completely redesigned. Changes include a more compact body and internal components, new materials, a rear-mounted battery (the 27 had the battery in the stock), repositioned light and laser buttons, sights, a trigger guard, and the removal of one safety. Like its predecessor, the Type 28 NSP features an integrated laser sight and tactical flashlight under the barrel that run on an internal battery. This internal battery lasts over 10 hours (using both the laser and the light) without magazine power. The NSP is very lightweight and extremely rugged (especially for an energy weapon) and can perform in extreme conditions (after long submersion in water or ice, covered in mud, after being dropped a few decks, etc.).

The Type 28 NSP is no longer produced. It was succeeded by the Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 30 and Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 33.

Type 28 Type 28A Type 28A2
Type 28A Field Version Type 28A Ceremonial Gold Type 28A/C Civilian
Type 28C Type 28C/C Civilian Type 28D

The NSP has three firing modes, pulse, heavy, and stun. Modes are selected by a switch on the gun's left side. In pulse mode, pulling the trigger halfway fires a single shot. Fully pulling the trigger fires until the trigger is released. The weapon's heavy mode expends 5 times as much energy, for a grenade-like effect. Stun mode fires a scalar pulse designed to temporarily overcome and disable the target's nervous system and works on both organics and electronics. Pulling the trigger lightly fires enough scalar_waves to disable an average human without permanent damage. Pulling firmly fires enough to disable most Nekovalkyrja.

The Star Army has already distributed thousands of Type 28 service pistols to its soldiers and they are proving popular among both the Nekovalkyrja and humans due to the improved design, though some prefer the Type 27's more complex electronic display. The display on the back of the 27 is replaced by a simple shot counter on the BR-28 magazine itself; this allows for soldiers to quickly check the charge of battery magazines without inserting them into a weapon. The grip is designed for a Nekovalkyrja standard 3-fingered hand, but replacement grips for human-type hands are very easily installed by removing the two screws that hold the grip assembly on. The standard grip is made of polished walnut.

Civilian Variant

The Ketsurui Zaibatsu Type 28C/C NSP has the following features:

  • Civilians can purchase
  • Blue metal body
  • Stun mode and extra safety on selector switch
  • Integrated laser/light system
  • Also available with pearl body

Note: Heavy mode not available on civilian model

Price: 1,000 KS

OOC Information

Authored and approved by Wes on July 4, 2005 1). Art by Wes.

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