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Nekovalkyrja Submachinegun, Type 28

The Type 28 Nekovalkyrja Submachinegun was a handheld energy weapon used by the Star Army of Yamatai from YE 28 to YE 34. It was manufactured by Ketsurui Zaibatsu.

Energy ratings: Pulse has the power to kill in a single shot, and knock out a car door.

Capacity: 125 stun/pulse (BR-SMG in grip). Note: Due to the 10-year battery life, most BR-SMG battery magazines no longer hold the advertised amount of shots anymore.

Controls: Trigger fires one shot with light pull, fires automatic with firm pull. Button safety in front/above of trigger. Two buttons forward of trigger on right side activate light or laser. Selector switch on left side above grip (S, P.) Shot counter on back of weapon. Mag release on the left side, just above the trigger.

Additions: Night iron sights. Carry handle.

Review: Until the GP-12 Phased Pulse Rifle returned to service in YE 30, this was the only troop weapon Yamatai fully employed that was not a pistol. The gun was very compact, being built on the Type 28A, and even with the extending wire stock, it was the perfect little piece for a Nekovalkyrja. Taller or bigger individuals would find more relief firing the GP-12 series. Though the capacity of the SMG is nearly three times that of the original 28A, some soldiers (particularly non-Nekovalkyrja) complain it lacks punch due to it having no heavy function, but that does not diminish the point of the weapon, which is “miniature squad automatic weapon.” One character, Miles Gunn, modified an SMG to be an oversized pistol. KFY didn't approve. Production of the SMG was canceled in YE 30, but millions still exist in the Star Army.

The Type 28 Nekovalkyrja Submachinegun was removed from the Star Army's equipment list in YE 34. Remaining weapons should be returned to the Nataria Fleet Depot.

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