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Star Army Officer Sword, Type 40

The Type 40 sword is a combat-capable curved single-edged two-handed sword used by officers of the Star Army of Yamatai. In Yamataigo (邪馬台語) it is called a guntō (軍刀), meaning military sword.

The Type 40 Sword is priced at 500 KS new or around 400 KS used.

Damage Rating: Tier 2


Officers of the Star Army of Yamatai have semi-officially used various katana-type swords for as long as the Star Army has existed, and they are a carry-over from previous military forces that preceded it.

For several years, the Star Army recommended swords made by Tamahagane Company, such as the Tamahagane Ta-W1-1a - Katana. These swords were each custom-made for their officers.

Shinken Initiative began soliciting Ketsurui Zaibatsu for standardized swords and it eventually began to produce them, starting with the Star Army NCO Saber, Type 39 in YE 39. In YE 40, an artistic katana and scabbard design was approved for officers; the Type 40 sword became first available in 4月, YE 40 (Yamataian Calendar) with immediate popularity and adoption by notable officers such as Ketsurui Hanako and Taiyou Hoshi.


The sword has a polished folded steel alloy blade in an ancient, traditional shape but using futuristic metallurgy technologies. The blade is manufactured by Ketsurui Zaibatsu and makes use of nano-scale replication to ensure consistency, strength, flexibility, and superb qualities. Blades are available in standard sizes of 65 centimeters (25.6 inches), 70 centimeters (27.56 inches), 72.5 centimeters (28.5 inches) and 75 centimeter (29.5 inch) sizes, with 70 and 72.5 centimeters being the most common. There are also miniature versions available for Mini-Nekovalkyrja.

The sword has a dark metallic gray tsuba and habaki with gold accents and a kikyō (bellflower) design on the habaki. The handle is wrapped in Star Army Regal Blue cloth.


Type 40 swords are distributed with a jet black saya (sheath) made of lightweight lacquered wood from Planet Yamatai. The sheath has a Star Army Hinomaru design on it.


Type 40 Swords are used by officers (rank of Shoi to Taisho) and warrant officers in combination with Star Army duty uniforms. They are worn in addition to (not a substitute for) a pistol sidearm. They are worn with the blade up.

Wipe swords clean of enemy blood after battle. Blades should be well-oiled with mineral oil and should be stored horizontally with the edge up, and stored in a dry place. Blades should be aired out at least once a month. When properly cared for, the sword can last for centuries. Not recommended for chopping wood (use an axe) or food (use a knife).

Hoshi with sword

OOC Notes

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Art credits:

  • Sword art by Epic-Soldier1). Commissioned by Ametheliana.
  • Hanako art by Helloimtea. Commissioned by Wes. Contains the original art by Epic-Soldier.
  • Yui art by Helloimtea. Commissioned by Wes. Contains the original art by Epic-Soldier.
  • Taiyou Hoshi artwork by NiOrangg. Commissioned by Ametheliana.

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