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Transposition Fold "Legacy" Cannon

This weapon unit transposes the space between two points, causing the space-time continuum of an area to collapse on itself. This weapon is leaves damage to space which can take weeks or even months for the beam area to “heal,” and creates a black-hole-like trench in space where it was fired. Ships using space-time anchors or dimensional screens are particularly affected by the TFC and are almost guaranteed to be dragged out of existence by their anchors, even when not directly in the path of the beam (500,000 miles). Deactivating the T/SA or DS will halt the ship's approach to the rift. The main gun system uses a new method of firing which allows the beam to actually expand past the ship itself. The beam's size is in the “height” of the beam, so the ship was built with an unusual horizontal beam aperture.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-starship
  • Secondary Purpose: Assault
  • Damage: DR 5 (Anti-Starship) over a 5,000-mile wide area
  • Range: 20 through 200,000,000 miles (the beam can not hit anything less than 20 miles from the ship)
  • Rate of Fire: Once every minute.
  • Payload: Effectively unlimited, so long as the ship provides power.

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