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Type 32 Medium Anti-Armor Turret

The Type 32 Medium Anti-Armor Turret is a combat starship weapons system. It is also known as the Ke-D7-W3201 using the Standard Product Nomenclature System.


First used by Star Army of Yamatai in YE 32, the Type 32 Medium Anti-Armor Turret is small AA gun more suited for smaller starships than its bulkier cousin, the Ke-S3-W3102 Star Army Anti-Fighter Turret, Type 31. It was previously known as the Light Anti-Armor Turret until reclassified in YE 43 to better reflect its firepower.


Its purpose is the same, however: to shoot down attacking fighters, incoming missiles, and enemy armored troops. It features two rapid-fire plasma cannons. Unlike the larger Type 31 AA Turret, it does not possess its own targeting computer and is thus controlled by its ship's main computer. Retractable and fixed versions are available.

Damage Rating (Version 3): Tier 5 Medium Anti-Armor



This article was written by Wes. DOGA art by Wes.

A renaming of the weapon was approved to better reflect the weapon's Tier here on 1/19/21 by Wes.

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