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Anbruch Finances

⚠ Confidential: This information is confidential and unless informed about it ICly, no character should know about it except Tanja Dunst


The Anbruch finances itself in two major ways. The first is taking on independent contracts from all sorts of clients. THe second way which they rely on for stability and crew payment is through the income made by a housing complex on Waypoint Trade that is run by Tanja.


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
15,000KS Initial Captial
3,590KS -11,410 Purchase of Crew equipment
4,090KS +500KS Payment for Data Acquisition from Tami
14,090KS +10,000KS deposit from Captain
12,590KS -1,500KS purchase of 10 Watch Communicator
5,940KS -6650KS purchase of General Purpose Off-Road Vehicle and EM-G4-1 Filter Mask (Basic)
5,190KS -750KS purchase of 5 Watch Communicator
10,190KS +5,000KS Complestion of Yamataian Jobs #6

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