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ISS Mitsu

The ISS Mitsu is an independently owned Misha-Class Explorer registered in the Yamatai Star Empire as PYX-C5X-0002.

About the ISS Mitsu

The ISS Mitsu was constructed in early YE 42. It was given to Kage Yaichiro as a present from Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko1).

ISS Mitsu
Name ISS Mitsu
Namesake Mitsu (่œœ) is the Yamataigo word for โ€œNectarโ€
Owner Kage Yaichiro
Operator Kage Yaichiro, Takeda Fleet
Port of Registry Amatsu-Motoyoshi "Port Hachidori", Jiyuu II Orbit
Home Port Jiyuu III (Jiyuu)
Builder Yugumo Corporation
Class Misha-Class Explorer
Comissioned YE 42
Registry PYX-C5X-0002
Status Active

The Ship's Patch

The ISS Mitsu's ship patch is below.

ISS Mitsu Patch The ship's patch features the Imperial Kikyล, and colors that invoke the Motoyoshi Clan as well as the iconic hummingbird design that was featured on the logo of the former Fifth Expeditionary Fleet with an image of the ship. The symbols invoke nostalgia and important historical references for the Motoyoshi Clan.


Takeda Fleet Emblem Mitsu crew duty uniforms, part of their standard issue, consist of a jumpsuit in dark grey, bearing the Takeda Fleet emblem on the right shoulder, and the Mitsu's ship's patch on the left. Yugumo Corporation rank insignia are worn on the jumpsuit. When outdoors planetside, a black beret with the ships patch on the flash is worn as headgear. Coveralls and security response armor are also dark grey and have the same patches and insignia. Flight suits are dark grey with light purple panels and dark purple trim.

Dress uniforms are a modified version of the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35. It is dark grey where the Type 35 is Star Army Regal Blue, having a dark purple panel with lighter purple trim. Cadet Blue items are instead black. The field uniform is a field jacket and cargo pants both in black. Rank Insignia are worn on the epaulettes of both. Like the other uniforms, the Takeda Fleet emblem is on the right shoulder, and the mission patch on the left.


The ISS Mitsu was constructed and launched in early YE 42. More history will follow.


These modifications have been made which vary from the original design of the Misha-Class Explorer.

Deck Layout

The deck layout and interior spaces of the ship have been modified:

ISS Mitsu Deck Layout


The following compartments have been added or modified:


The Armory is secured behind Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors and is access-controlled. The room is fully stocked with weapons and equipment for use by Yaichiro and his associates. There are enough sturdy racks, cages, drawers, and cabinets outfitted with multiple locks to securely contain everything, as well as a workbench for performing modifications and repairs to firearms and blades.

Four Anthroform Drone Berth, Type 42 for the EM-J6-1 "Rayleigh" Security Crew Drones are located in the armory, with storage units between each pair.

Captain's Stateroom

Spanning the area of two of the standard cabins, Yaichiro's luxurious stateroom is designed for his comfort, entertainment, and convenience. Upgraded from the standard shower and head into a full Yamataian-style washroom, featuring separate shower, steam-room, and soaking tub with whirlpool jets, it occupies a corner of the space, cutting the room into an L-shape. The small end of the L is a walk in closet with wardrobe and vanity. It has entrances from both the bedroom and washroom, and features gear storage and a personal armory for Yaichiro's Takeda Fleet Standard Issue and Officer Issue, with room to spare for nearly anything else he wishes. At the crux of the L is a kitchenette and breakfast nook, while the entrance at the long side of the L opens into a foyer and sitting room with couches and coffee tables huddled around a simulated fireplace. Beyond it, before the kitchenette, is a well-appointed office alcove with a desk and chair and Ge-T8-E3103 - Computer Array allowing Yaichiro to conduct business from his stateroom, without even having to cross the corridor to the office. The wall between the office alcove and the soaking tub is mostly a large aquarium. Across from the desk, a multifunction all-in-one exercise unit is cleverly out of the way in another alcove.

Crew Cabin

Four Anthroform Drone Berth, Type 42, with storage units between each pair, are clustered along the far wall for the Crew and Administrator drones. A pair of Type 40 Bunk Beds in the Deluxe Two Bunks, Desk, and Drawer/Wheels configuration face each other from across the narrower dimension of the room. Each desk is connected to a Ge-T8-E3103 - Computer Array as well as the ship's systems, and below each one is a footlocker.

The Crew Cabin features a shower and head. There is a table with four chairs in the central common area, along with an all-in-one exercise machine. Volumetric Windows provide display for entertainment, environmental, and informational purposes.

Drone Launch

In the port forward corner of Cargo One is a system of racks, gantries, and conveyors to load "Whisker" Sensor Drone, Sensor Cruise Missiles2), or EM-O2 "Houmen" Communication Satellite into a Variable Launch Tube to deploy.

Guest Cabin

The Guest Cabin is, unlike the rest of the cabins, unchanged from the standard suites found on the stock Misha-Class Explorer. The Guest Cabin is a spacious bedroom, featuring a king-sized bed, a corner โ€œLโ€ seat, a desk, a closet, and a shower and head bathroom attached.

Gymnasium and Dojo

Opposite the Onsen, part of Cargo One has been separated into a Gymnasium and Dojo. It features not only a full complement of state-of-the-art workout machinery, but also a large, open area for practicing various martial arts and dance. The floor of the dojo is a smooth, slightly slick surface, but there are mats in storage to cover the entire area. Three sides of the Dojo area are mirrored, offering viewpoints to ensure correct form.


The lab is set up as an infirmary and basic medical bay. In addition to essential science equipment such as microscopes, centrifuges, and a fume hood, the medical equipment includes an ATMC Ke-J1-E3301 - Autonomous Configurable Medical Unit unit and Treatment and Examination Bed. An EM-J5-6a - FARS GP with appropriate medical accessories attached is on duty in the lab at all times. The officer on duty has a well-appointed desk with a Ge-T8-E3103 - Computer Array and a comfortable office chair.


Secure storage, containing Starship Gauss Ammunition for the Light Gauss Starship Cannon, the Magazines are heavily armored, static-free vaults with independent environmental systems. Located in the wing pylons, to either side, they are connected to an automated feed system, where the Light Gauss Starship Cannon are the innermost-mounted. Like the Armory, they are secured behind Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors and access-controlled. Other than during resupply or repair, it should not be necessary to enter either magazine.


Kage Yaichiro's innumerable business, charitable, and governmental responsibilities require that he be able to perform his functions in any of his organizations from anywhere, at any time. A semicircular desk, featuring every technological convenience and advantage available dominates the end of the room farthest from the door. Its luxurious arm chair faces off against a trio of lesser chairs across the desk's surface, for face to face meetings. Another desk is off to one side, not quite as impressive, but equally as comfortable and perhaps more well-appointed from a technology and control systems standpoint. This one is reserved specifically for members of Kage Yaichiro's Research and Development Team, typically Grapefruit.

Closer to the door a pair of smaller desks with less ostentatious chairs face each other, requiring anyone entering the office to walk between them. Every desk is outfitted with a Ge-T8-E3103 - Computer Array terminal. To one side of the office is a kitchenette, and on the other, a conference chamber with an oval table, eight chairs, and a state of the art telepresence and teleconferencing suite. One wall is dominated by a great aquarium stocked with native Jiyuuan species.

Officer Quarters

Eight Anthroform Drone Berth, Type 42, with storage units between each pair, are lined up along the far wall for the Crew and Administrator drones. The Officer Quarters takes up the space of two of the default crew cabins.

Two rooms to either side of the common area each feature a pair of Type 40 Bunk Beds in the Deluxe Two Bunks, Desk, and Drawer/Wheels configuration face each other from across the narrower dimension of the room. Each desk is connected to a Ge-T8-E3103 - Computer Array as well as the ship's systems, and below each one is a footlocker.

Each room in the Officer Quarters has a shower and head, and there are a pair of tables with each with four chairs, a workout area featuring several multifunction exercise machines, and a pair of desks with chairs and their own Ge-T8-E3103 - Computer Array in the central common area. Volumetric Windows provide display for entertainment, environmental, and informational purposes.

Onsen and Pool

The Bathhouse has been extended into some of the area of Cargo One to include a bathing and swimming area patterned after a natural hot springs. The facilities are patterned after a Traditional Yamataian Onsen, features multiple waterfalls, and the heated pool is deep enough for full submersion and large enough for light swimming. The main entrance to the area is through the communal shower, as etiquette demands one be clean before entering, but there is a service and maintenance entrance through Cargo One. Separate from the soaking pool is a small Koi pond, fed by its own waterfall, and a basalt and white gravel Zen Garden.

Power Armor Storage

Cargo One has been modified to include a small civilian power armor storage bay that uses the already in place airlock structure. When Kage Yaichiro is aboard, his custom blue and white Kirie Thought Armor is stored here.

Volumetrics Room

Similar to the volumetrics room on a Plumeria-class (2E) Medium Gunship, this room's walls, ceiling, and floor are all Volumetric Windows coated with anti-scuff coatings, and the Volumetric Displays in the room are capable of projecting Solid Volumetrics, as well as Hard Light (Technology) thanks to an array of IRI-Type Hard light Apparatus. The Volumetrics Room is intended for recreation, training, and briefings.Force fields have been added to provide tactile feedback to simulations as well as to slide people back imperceptibly when they try to walk too close to a wall or change elevation. In this way, simulations larger than the room would normally permit are possible and can be safely employed. Simulations can also make people appear and sound further away than they are and nudge them away from collisions with each other if necessary to further add to the illusion.

This force field sliding can be disabled easily if desired; but small markers will appear to show the walls, floor, and ceiling boundaries while the door to the room becomes visible as a safety measure. All people will be shown in their actual locations as well.

Uses of the Volumetric Room include consuming media en masse, holding briefings with visual aids, relaying briefings from alternate locations, training, running combat simulations, showing simulations of home or other relaxing venues, large scale communications, as a pre-mission staging area, or even for making crew members run laps as punishment.


The workshop has had a Star Army Fabrication Chamber, Type 39 installed as its centerpiece. It includes a Civilian Synthesis Reactor Module and a backup Aether generator for emergency use.

Modified Systems

Some of the systems of the ISS Mitsu have been modified or upgraded from the original design of the ship.

MIKO Modules

In addition to the Science and Explorer package for the MIKO Electronics Suite standard on the Misha-Class Explorer, the ISS Mitsu's MIKO has been fully upgraded with all of the available packages, from the Patrol, Tactical, and Scout to increase the vessel's combat and reconnaissance capabilities, to the Diplomatic and Support packages to assist Kage Yaichiro with his business and other endeavors.

Computer Upgrades

Several racks of Ge-T8-E3103 - Computer Array, 12 in all, and a full Node (10) of X-type Quantum Computers have been added to the system room to augment the MIKO Electronics Suite for additional computing power.

Backup Communications System

An Yggdrasill Emergency Pulser Communications System has been installed for emergency, backup, and covert communications.

Backup Power Systems

The Mitsu has several backup power systems installed to ensure it can remain powered through any emergency.

Secondary Power System

A Tsuyosa Series Matter-Antimatter Reactor has been added for secondary power. This system also includes a Matter Collection System.

Tertiary Power System

For a backup to the backup, alternative source, or for auxiliary power in case of high demand, a Class 3 Hyperspace Fuel Tap has been installed.

Quaternary Power System

As a final fallback power generation system, HONEY SLAM fusion generator with quadruple power supply has been installed.

Turbo Plasma Drives

The Hoshi II Series Turbo Plasma Drives have been upgraded and tuned along with the installation of the plasma weaponry and vernier system. Can be used for VTOL.

  • Stat Modification: Maximum Sublight Speed is 0.36c (2.6AU/Hr).

Weapon Add-Ons

The ISS Mitsu is not a warship, but it has been equipped with enough weapons to defend itself in an emergency.

Ten multi-purpose mounts are built into the hull of the vessel: two on each wing, two each dorsal and ventral and one each port and starboard. The ship is armed with a Plasma Projection System array comprising various sizes of emitters. These also serve as secondary engines and maneuvering verniers, increasing the acceleration profile, maximum speed, and maneuverability of the ship.

Other Add-Ons

Some additional add-ons to the ship.

Shuttles and Vehicles

Shuttles and vehicles on the ISS Mitsu are listed below.

Shuttle Bay

Besides the ISS Mitsu's shuttles, Kage Yaichiro often keeps his prototypes and other personal craft here.

Vehicle Storage

The ISS Mitsu has a complement of planetary vehicles, as well as any personal vehicles Kage Yaichiro stores here:

Ship's Inventory

The Mitsu and its crew are well stocked and supplied with equipment and consumables:

Engineering Inventory

Lab Inventory

Workshop Inventory

Along with hand and power tools, there are plenty of spare parts and raw materials:

Armory Inventory

The Armory's racks, cages, and cabinets contain:

Cargo One

Power Armor Storage

Cargo Two


Takeda Fleet furnished and equipped a complement of androids to crew the vessel for Yaichiro and serve him while aboard. Additionally, the ship's AI has a volumetric avatar.

Name Type Rating Rank Position SAoY Equivalent Occupation
Kage Yaichiro NH-31 โ€œMinkanโ€ Organic Fuku-Kaichล (่ชฒ้•ท) Captain Starship Captain Command White
Mitsu Ami (่œœไบœ็พŽ) EM-J2-3a โ€œDouryuโ€ Officer Kachล (่ชฒ้•ท) Science Officer
Sensors Operator
Science Officer Science Green
Mitsu Rei (่œœ้บ—) EM-J2-3a โ€œDouryuโ€ Officer Jichล (ๆฌก้•ท) Operations Officer Starship Operations Starship Operations Gray
Mitsu Makoto (่œœ็œŸ) EM-J2-3a โ€œDouryuโ€ Officer Kakarichล (ไฟ‚้•ท) Quartermaster Cargo and Supply Supply Orange
Cook Kitchen Yellow
Mitsu Minako (่œœ็พŽๅฅˆๅญ) EM-J2-3a โ€œDouryuโ€ Officer Buchล (้ƒจ้•ท) First Officer First Officer Command White
Mitsu Haruka (่œœ้ฅ) EM-J2-3a โ€œDouryuโ€ Officer Kachล (่ชฒ้•ท) Pilot Starship Operations Starship Operations Gray
Mitsu Michiru (่œœๅฎŸๅƒ็‘ ) EM-J2-3a โ€œDouryuโ€ Officer Jichล (ๆฌก้•ท) Communications Officer
Mission Control
Starship Operations Starship Operations Gray
Mitsu Hotaru (่œœ่›) EM-J2-3a โ€œDouryuโ€ Officer Kakarichล (ไฟ‚้•ท) Engineering Officer Technician/Engineer Technician Red
Mitsu Setsuna (่œœๅˆน้‚ฃ) EM-J2-3a โ€œDouryuโ€ Officer Jichล (ๆฌก้•ท) Medical Officer Medical Medical Teal Star Army Medical Patch
Mitsu Usagi (่œœๅ…Ž) EM-J2-3a โ€œDouryuโ€ Crew Yontล Shain (ๅ››็ญ‰็คพๅ“ก) Attendant Caretaker Caretaker Coral
Mitsu Naru (่œœ็‡•) EM-J2-3a โ€œDouryuโ€ Crew Santล Shain (ไธ‰็ญ‰็คพๅ“ก) Attendant Caretaker Caretaker Coral
Mitsu Ikuko (่œœ่‚ฒๅญ) OI-J1-1a โ€œMimicomโ€ Administrator Jลtล Shain (ไธŠ็ญ‰็คพๅ“ก) Secretary Clerk Admin Mint
Mitsu Haruna (่œœๆ˜ฅ่œ) OI-J1-1a โ€œMimicomโ€ Administrator Jลtล Shain (ไธŠ็ญ‰็คพๅ“ก) Secretary Clerk Admin Mint
Mitsu Kakyuu (่œœ็ซ็ƒ) EM-J6-1 "Rayleigh" Security Jลtล Shunin (ไธŠ็ญ‰็คพๅ“ก) Security Chief Close Protective Services Police Blue
Mitsu Taiki (่œœๅคงๆฐ—) EM-J6-1 "Rayleigh" Security Nitล Shunin (ไบŒ็ญ‰็คพๅ“ก) Security Officer Close Protective Services Police Blue
Mitsu Seiya (่œœๆ˜Ÿ้‡Ž) EM-J6-1 "Rayleigh" Security Ittล Shunin (ไธ€็ญ‰็คพๅ“ก) Security Officer Close Protective Services Police Blue
Mitsu Yaten (่œœๅคœๅคฉ) EM-J6-1 "Rayleigh" Security Santล Shunin (ไธ‰็ญ‰็คพๅ“ก) Security Officer Close Protective Services Police Blue


Mitsu Miko ่œœๅฎŸๅญ is the volumetrically projected avatar of the ship's MIKO AI. She appears as a lithe, waifish human girl in her late teens or early twenties with hime-cut black hair and purple eyes. Her apparent outfit is a variant of a traditional Yamataian Miko costume, but in the Yugumo Corporation/Takeda Fleet colors of Motoyoshi purple and charcoal grey, rather than the traditional red and white. She is often seen appearing to silently sweep the corridors and decks of the ship with a volumetric broom in a traditional bamboo-and-straw style. It's almost as if she were a ghost haunting the ship, rather than a manifestation of its AI. Her effective rank is Buchล (้ƒจ้•ท).


There are eight security-model EM-J2-3a Douryo Android (Deluxe) serving as officers on the Mitsu, comprising five bridge officers and three support officers:

Mitsu Ami (่œœไบœ็พŽ)

Mitsu Rei (่œœ้บ—)

Mitsu Makoto (่œœ็œŸ)

Mitsu Minako (่œœ็พŽๅฅˆๅญ)

Mitsu Haruka (่œœ้ฅ)

Mitsu Michiru (่œœๅฎŸๅƒ็‘ )

Mitsu Hotaru (่œœ่›)

Mitsu Setsuna (่œœๅˆน้‚ฃ)


Two EM-J2-3a Douryo Android (Deluxe) provide porter, valet, and maid services:

Mitsu Usagi (่œœๅ…Ž)

Mitsu Naru (่œœ็‡•)


Two Mimic Computer assist Kage Yaichiro with his business endeavors:

Mitsu Ikuko (่œœ่‚ฒๅญ)

Mitsu Haruna (่œœๆ˜ฅ่œ)


Four EM-J6-1 "Rayleigh" provide extra security in emergencies or for special events:

Mitsu Kakyuu (่œœ็ซ็ƒ)

Mitsu Taiki (่œœๅคงๆฐ—)

Mitsu Seiya (่œœๆ˜Ÿ้‡Ž)

Mitsu Yaten (่œœๅคœๅคฉ)

Cabin and Bunk Assignments

Power Armor Squads

Sentience Tracker

The crew drones are all sentience capable, although they started out as subsentient:

Name Level Tier Sentient? Gain Factor Loss Factor Key Emotion
Mitsu Ami (่œœไบœ็พŽ) 17% 1 No 2.0 2.0 Awkwardness
Mitsu Haruka (่œœ้ฅ) 11% 1 No 1.0 0.5 Triumph
Mitsu Haruna (่œœๆ˜ฅ่œ) 6% 0 No 0.5 1.0 Satisfaction
Mitsu Hotaru (่œœ่›) 5% 0 No 0.25 2.0 Sadness
Mitsu Ikuko (่œœ่‚ฒๅญ) 6% 0 No 0.5 1.0 Joy
Mitsu Kakyuu (่œœ็ซ็ƒ) 1% 0 No 0.25 1.0 Awe
Mitsu Makoto (่œœ็œŸ) 14% 1 No 1.5 0.75 Nostalgia
Mitsu Michiru (่œœๅฎŸๅƒ็‘ ) 9% 0 No 1.25 0.5 Interest
Mitsu Minako (่œœ็พŽๅฅˆๅญ) 22% 2 No 2.0 0.25 Envy
Mitsu Naru (่œœ็‡•) 10% 1 No 1.0 1.0 Sympathy
Mitsu Rei (่œœ้บ—) 19% 1 No 1.5 1.0 Disgust
Mitsu Seiya (่œœๆ˜Ÿ้‡Ž) 0% 0 No 0.125 1.0 Entrancement
Mitsu Setsuna (่œœๅˆน้‚ฃ) 6% 0 No 0.75 0.75 Amusement
Mitsu Taiki (่œœๅคงๆฐ—) 0% 0 No 0.125 1.0 Confusion
Mitsu Usagi (่œœๅ…Ž) 19% 1 No 2.5 0.75 Romance
Mitsu Yaten (่œœๅคœๅคฉ) 2% 0 No 0.125 1.0 Aesthetic Appreciation

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2) , 3)
The ISS Mitsu does not possess the equipment or systems to arm and launch anti-ship payloads for the OI-Z1b Anti-Ship Cruise Missile (Refit).

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