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ISS Shinpi

The ISS Shinpi is a Kouken-Class Escort that was found crashlanded within the deserts of Planet Osman, by Takimori Ronin in YE 38.


The ISS Shinpi is thought to have belonged to a group of merchants and traders, acting as a mobile and well-defended corporate base. However, following a mysterious incident that left all but a special girl missing from action and the ship locked down, there isn't much on who these people were. However, it can be found within the ships manufacturing information logs that it was made back in YE 34. It was roughly in the last weeks of YE 38 that it crashlanded and was discovered by Independent detection equipment. At the time, Ronin was the out near the area and handled the initial discovery and eventual claiming of the craft to compensate him for his lack of payment. Sacrificing his heavily damaged Tengu for armoring and structural repairs, Ronin spent a few days repairing the ship to space-capable hull status. The ship was not fully unlocked, however, until he discovered Aala Dash and used her skill set as a hacker to remove the lockdown of the ship.

In YE 39, the ship was finally lifted off as the new flagship to Ronin and his group's mercenary-like company


In its first appearance in actual RP, the Shinpi is a fairly traditional Kouken. Many of its guns are damaged or missing, with much of its color identifiers worn away by time and harsh treatment. Patches of orange, what was used from Ronin's Tengu to repair the ship, can still be seen… as well as some odd juts across the hull from pieces or re-cut material. The insides of the ship are in a similar state of hodgepodge-ness, with exposed wires and missing paneling over various sections of the ship's halls.

Statistical Data


Original Ship: Kouken-Class Escort
Class: OI-D2-1A/1B
Type: Long-Range Escort/Destroyer
Original Designers: Origin Industries
Manufacturer: Origin Industries


Crew: Minimum of 1 Operator, 2 recommended. 5 Crew required. Recommended 15-20.
Maximum Capacity: Accommodations for 50 people, but up to 200 can be crammed aboard in an emergency.


Length: 125 Meters
Width: 90 Meters
Height: 30 Meters
Decks: 5

Propulsion and Range

Continuum Distortion Drive: 14,000c
Hyperspace Fold Drive: .5ly/h
Sublight Engines: .30c
Range: Limited to 14 Months with crew of 15
Lifespan: estimated at 60+ years
Refit Cycle: Resupply and mandatory maintenance every 14 Months.

Inside the Shinpi

Unless otherwise stated below, everything detailing the Shinpi's interior layouts and the like can be found here.


The wardroom of the Kouken is fitted with a pleasant surprise for its crew! A taffy fabricator! A machine capable of producing delicious taffy candy of any flavor one can imagine, synced onto the ship's networking to allow cooks or others to browse appropriate sites for various flavors!

Ship Systems

The ship has been given a redundant system to allow it to do “ghost run”. This is thanks to the utilization of the hardware and a contained power drive from a OI-M1-3A Antiarmor Support Frame "Garuda", originally Ronin's Tengu, converted into a system that allows the ship to reduce its overall power load from its proper systems. In this ghost run state, the Shinpi emits far less energy readings while sustaining the same level of interior function. While this is useful for hiding the ship or drifting into certain systems, it isn't quite enough to provide a proper stealth system as the heat the ship generates is still roughly the same, along with other forms of traditional sensor detection. However, against foes that are trying to purely read the energy of the vessel, it allows them to slip away!

Armored Hull

While much of it was repaired with similar material, there are locations of the hull that seem mismatched. Because of this, the Shinpi is lighter armored around much of its body, while its nose is significantly reinforced. This allows it to, if necessary, survive far rougher entries into planetary atmospheres or even ram enemy craft.

Weapons Systems

Currently, every gun on the Shinpi is damaged or entirely destroyed. Because of this it has various hardpoints just waiting to be replaced…

Vehicle Complement

The following are the vehicles stored within the ISS Shinpi's hangar…

  • Custom-Garuda Scout Walker - Originally Ronin's Tengu, this vehicle is simply the lower half of the Tengu. Its cockpit has been modified to be lower, allowing the systems implemented onto the Shinpi to instead be transferred into it for a low-profile, unarmed mecha-walker. The cockpit being almost worthless has led to the widening of it to accommodate more seats, stripped from the Shinpi's wardroom. Two deploy-able ladders on the sides allow for quickly mounting and dismounting the leg-machine.
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