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NSS Inquiry

⚠ This plotship is a work-in-progress and currently is not approved for usage in the RP. ⚠

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The NSS Inquiry is a Specter-class Stealth Carrier that had been retrofitted into an exploration vessel in order to investigate an anomalous signal picked up by a listening post hundred of light-years from Planet Nepleslia. It is currently commanded by Captain Ally Gally.

These are the voyages...

About the Ship (FIXME)

After the great success of the Orca, some NAM technicians started to play around with idea of designing a new craft like it. After many tries the idea of the Specter came to life. The Specter was to play the role of a Stealth Reconnaissance ship at first, but slowly the more ideas began to role in.

Next, it was thought to build in launch bays to make it more of an escort carrier. Allowing the Specter to jump in behind enemy lines and launch surprise attacks. Then they decided to add extra fabrication decks to allow the Specter run solo and create what ever it need on the go to allow for long recon missions behind enemy lines.

Thus the Stealth Long Range Recon Ship Specter was born. The first Specter built was the NSS Oracle

Key Features (FIXME)

The Specter class LRRS Carrier boasts superior sensor and stealth capabilities. To increase the ships stealth, all weapon hardpoints are retractable. It also sports advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Mission Specialization (FIXME)

  • Stealth Deployments
  • Reconnaissance
  • Escort


Similar to the only other Specter-class Stealth Carriers currently in service (the NSS Specter and the NSS Oracle), the NSS Inquiry's hull is shaped like an elongated cigar that features a forward set of “wings,” which serve as the vessel's hangar and launch deck for the ship's modest complement of small craft. The Inquiry's weapon systems are also mounted on retractable hardpoints, allowing the ship to increase its stealth when not in combat.

Statistics and Performance



Crew: 800 operators are recommended, 500 are required.

Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 1,000 people. About 4,000 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped and operations would be severely hampered.


  • Length: 1,200 meters (3,937.008 feet)
  • Width: 800 meters (2,624.670 feet)
  • Height: 500 meters (1,640.420 feet)
  • Decks: 24 (3 meters each)

Propulsion and Range

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

Inside the Ship (FIXME)

Deck Layout

Being a Specter-class Stealth Carrier, the NSS Inquiry uses a compartmentalized layout similar to that of a Orca-class Battlecruiser.

Compartment Layouts


A central armory is positioned at the rear of the ship's primary hangar in order to facilitate the rapid deployment (or resupply) of marines, pilots, and security personnel. It's in this hallowed chamber that Marines (and the occasional sailor can be found maintaining and servicing their weapons, often with the help of an Armorer or two; lastly, ballistic vests, assault armor, and spare environmental suits can be found here. The central armory contains the following:


In addition to the central armory, there are multiple sub-armories located near vital locations such as the Bridge, Engineering, hangars, Med-Bay and weapon emplacements. These compartments are strategically placed in order to arm crewmen who aren't close to the central armory in the event of a boarding action. Each sub-armory contains the following:



The NSS Inquiry utilizes the Standard Capital Starship Bridge and features a Command Distribution System. It is located at the center of the ship and is protected by Nerimium-armored walls to ensure the safety of its occupants during the heat of battle.

Captain's Suite

The Inquiry has three Captain Suites installed - one for the ship's Commanding Officer, one for the ship's Executive Officer, and a spare in case either of the other two is rendered inhospitable. These rooms are located close to the Bridge for their occupant's convenience.

Cargo Storage Areas

There are eight cargo holds - twice that of a “typical” Specter-class Stealth Carrier - located towards the ventral surface of the ship's hull, each with an internal volume roughly equivalent to that of a Huge Standard Shipping Container. Three of these rooms are refrigerated and kept in a vacuum in order to preserve the food supplies and other perishables that they contain, another two are dedicated solely to spare parts and components, and two more are reserved for ammunition storage; finally, the last remaining hold is equipped with its own separate environmental system - for it's in this chamber that the eggheads from Central will be storing whatever they decide to bring back from “out there”…

Crew Cabins

The NSS Inquiry, like all Specters, has approximately 250 crew cabins for the crew to bunk in.

Crew Recreation

There's six Crew Lounges located amongst the decks of the NSS Inquiry near the aforementioned crew cabins; one is set aside for the ship's officers, while the other five are for the enlisted members and any sciency types who are feeling particularly brave and/or suicidal.


The NSS Inquiry's engineering section is located to the rear of the ship and, unsurprisingly enough, is typically staffed by numerous Engineers at any given time.


The vessel's primary hangar facility is located towards the front of the ship and has six concealable (via retractable Zanarium-laminated Nerimium shutters) launch tubes on the port and starboard hull surfaces in order to permit the high-speed low-drag deployment of strike craft such as fighters and fighter-bombers. For obvious reasons, this allows for the fast launching of fighters, given that the reset interval for the tubes after a launch is only 30 seconds; furthermore, there are two large airlocks (similarly protected by Zanarium-laminated Nerimium blast doors) on either side of the hull that allow larger craft like shuttles to launch. They can also double as a secondary launch deck if need be.

Manufacturing Plant

Located adjacent to Engineering, the Inquiry boasts an impressive array of Nano-Constructor Systems which allow it to fabricate parts, ammunition, and any other things the gearheads can come up with after drinking reactor coolant.

Medical Center

The NSS Inquiry's Med-Bay is located in the center of the ship for convenience.

Power Armor Bay

The vessel's small Power Armor Bay is located adjacent to the central Armory and can hold 50 suits of powered armor, along with the facilities necessary to repair and rearm said armor.

Science Labs

As part of its retrofit, the NSS Inquiry has been furnished with extensive scientific facilities in order to assist the jarheads in determining just what exactly exists out there amongst the cosmos - and whether it's friendly, unfriendly, lethal, slightly lethal, or some combination thereof. There are four individual sub-labs, the details of which are elaborated on below; in addition, the four sections are also served by an Advanced Command Executive AI physically isolated from the rest of the Inquiry's systems, so as to prevent any occurrences of sabotage - or worse - from occurring…

Astrometrics Lab

The Astrometrics Laboratory is a massive, two-deck-tall room with an extensive volumetric array that can be utilized to project a highly-detailed view of the region surrounding the Inquiry - be it on a local, system-wide, or even galactic scale - thanks to being tied directly into the ship's sensor suite. The first level is dominated by the aforementioned array and its numerous associated consoles, whereas the second level consists of a gallery that runs along the perimeter and has minimally padded chairs in order to provide seating for briefings/conferences/et cetera; lastly, the chamber itself has two hatchways on each level and a spiral staircase in each corner.

Cultural Lab

The Cultural Laboratory is the smallest of the four laboratories, given that it doesn't require any special apparatuses or decontamination chambers or anything of such nature. Its purpose is to study the social features of any new civilizations encountered during the Inquiry's voyage - though it's been rumored that Intelligence has something else in mind…

Biology Lab
⚠ WARNING: Authorized personnel ONLY. Appropriate gear must be worn in the Lab AT ALL TIMES. ⚠

Second to only the Physics Lab in terms of size and scope, the Biology Laboratory specializes in matters dealing with the life sciences. Given the hazardous nature of its work, the entire laboratory module is encased in Nerimium armor and features safety measures such as its own separate environmental system, a dedicated emergency generator, and a triple-tier airlock system; finally, the entire facility can be opened up to vacuum and be flooded with a localized scalar field as a last resort.

Physics Lab
⚠ WARNING: Authorized personnel ONLY. Appropriate gear must be worn in the Lab AT ALL TIMES. ⚠

The largest of the scientific facilities onboard the NSS Inquiry, the Physics Lab handles anything related to the physical aspects of science. Seeing as how dangerous some of those aspects can rapidly become if mishandled, the sub-laboratory itself - like the Biology Lab above - is enclosed within a protective shell of Nerimium armor and features things such as its own separate environmental system, a dedicated emergency generator, and a triple-tier airlock system; finally, the entire facility can be opened up to vacuum, flooded with a localized scalar field, or even be ejected from the ship itself - although such an action would leave a gaping hole in the vessel's hull…


The NSS Inquiry's Wardroom is an Officer's Lounge.

Ship Systems (FIXME)

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

Computers and Electronics

Emergency Systems

Life Support Systems

Power Systems




Shield Systems





    • Purpose: Tier 9, Heavy Anti-Mecha
    • Range: 600,000 kilometers (~373,000 miles)
    • Rate of Fire: 15 pulses/second9)
    • Payload: 15 minutes of continuous fire; self-replenishing.

Vehicle Complement (FIXME)

Na-S/Sh-01 Zachitnik-class Shuttle x10


Hornet Fighter Bomber x15

Grunts x10

OOC Notes

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If shell penetrates target's armor prior to detonation/All other scenarios.
Versus armor and hull/Versus barriers.
Versus armor and hull.
4) , 7)
Versus barriers.
Per High-Explosive Canister fired; maximum of 4/turret.
6) , 9)
Per barrel.
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