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The Zoya

The Zoya (ZOH-ya) is a Freighter vessel developed by a developer who has long since been shut down. A originally custom ship, built for the original owner, it was seemly designed for trading in dangerous places. Or smuggling. Or piracy, or… Well, it isn't very clear. Little of everything.


The Zoya is a two decked vessel, keeping a semi-tube like shape. Its a two decked ship with a copper-orange color to it over all, even sparkling a little in light. The engines of the vessel, several tube like structures poking out from the ship, dot the rear of the vessel. All around the ship are small ball point thrusters to turn it and such, making the ship look like it has small bumps about the ship. These bumps are larger and move clumped on the bottom of the vessel for landing and taking off. The only way to see inside of the vessel is via the bridge and through the top turret's view port. The vessel itself is rather spartan in appearance otherwise, with mostly slanted sides all around.

History and Background

Truthfully the Zoya has had many names, and many owners. It is a well used ship, with very little hardware actually being the same from its original manufacture. She has been a pirate vessel, a trader, a Bounty Hunter ship, a Mercenary ship, a spy's vessel, and so on. Being that the ship has changed both registrations and names, there is no real way to keep track of the vessel's exploits. No evidence of the ship's past remains in her confines, it is always wiped clean from the AI.

That was the history of the original vessel. However, it has since fallen into the hands of the Lorath. After searching the blueprints on the AI, the Lorath reverse engineered the vessel and now produces them as its own class: The Zoya class after the present name of the vessel.

It got quite a bit of hype from Nepleslian and Yamataian people.

Statistics and Performance


Class: YO-Y0-1A Type: Civilian Armed Multi-purpose trade vessel Designers: Imane crafts guild (Disbanded) Manufacturer: Lorath Matriarchy Matriarchy Production: Mass Price: 40,000 KS


Crew: At least 3 operators (Pilot, Engineer, Misc) are recommended, but only one is required. Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 10 people. (Assuming there is one bed for each room, while there could be more placed.) About 300 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped.


Length: 56 meters (187'7“ feet) Width: 32 meters (104'10” feet) Height: 21 meters (68'9“ feet) Decks: 2 (Lower is 8 meters, the top 6 meters)

Propulsion and Range

Hyperspace Fold Drive: .5 ly/m Sublight Engines: .2c Range: Three months while 'pushing it', one month and a half otherwise Lifespan: With regular maintenance, the vessel itself is estimated to last… Well… Forever. Refit Cycle: Ten months

Inside the Ship

Deck Layout

(Actual map to be made some time)

The ship is separated on two decks.

The lower deck is dominated by a cargo bay, which takes up the vast majority of the deck. This is also where two hatches to the outside world are, one being a massive bulkhead which opens side ways, while the other being a ramp. 'Down' the ship, a corridor is formed in the middle of the ship to the end. Along this corner is two large store rooms on either side, which take up the rest of the ship otherwise.

The upper deck holds it's corridor down the center as well, lined up with the lower deck's corridor. In the front is the bridge, then the personal rooms follow in a 6 on each side, clumped close together. Although the room on the starboard side, closest to the bridge, is reserved for the AI and it's components. Past the rooms are two corridors jutting off to the side as air locks. In between this junction is the ladder to the upper turret hatch. Not to much further down the hall from those corridors is the med bay on the port side, with the kitchen to the starboard. Rather next to these two rooms in the lounge/dining room, then some more corridor until finally getting to the engineering and engine room.

Room Layouts


The bridge is basically the piloting deck. On the starboard side is the main pilot's seat, with the port being the Co-pilot. Both are rather comfy and adjustable things. Otherwise its just a mass of panels with a arm in the center to semi-separate the seats. The Bridge itself isn't to big, although there is plenty of room outside of the pilot's seating area. The consoles themselves have two joysticks for each pilot, then various monitors and read outs as well as a keyboard, albeit off to the side. There is also a panel on the ceiling, containing controls pertaining to prepping the ship for atmospheres, space, and going between the two.

In front of these consoles is the view of space, a rather full one at that.

On the ceiling of the bridge as a whole are leather straps for anyone not in one of the seats to be able to brace themselves if need be. The floor is simlar to the cargo bay in the fact that its just a flat metal sheet, which is usually cold.


The corridors of the vessel are all light tan in color, with tube lights set between the corners of the roof and walls every foot or so. The walls are some what spartan otherwise, with black lines occasionally for where panels can be opened to access wiring as needed. The bottoms of the floors are tan as well, save for the grating about a foot wide set in the middle of the floor between the lower and upper deck, this being a gunmetal grey. All of the doors on the ship are sliding based, with a padded indent in the door to open and close it easily, as well as a lever to lock it. There doors to all of the rooms, as well as a door on each side of the intersection (Between the corridors off shooting to the side airlocks and the one going up and down the ship), for a total of four. At completely random points there is small indents in the wall to place pictures, and all of them are filled with a display that changes to some random 'art' image on a weekly basis. There are also panels below the displays that hold air masks and civilian Environmental suits. It also holds simple Fire extinguishers


At the top of the 'Fire escape' stairs in the cargo bay is spiral staircase that leads up to the bridge, bars wrapped around it in a cage manner so a climber doesn't accidentally fall or something. There is a spiral stair for the same leading adjacent to the lounge downward, and one by the engine room too, linking the two corridors. There is also a ladder in the intersection (Between the corridors off shooting to the side airlocks and the main one down the ship) that leads up to the hatch to access the turret. All of the stairs are block like and are light tan in color with a few displays along the walls. The stairs themselves on the vertical sections are dark red.

Cargo Bay

The Cargo bay takes up a large amount of the lower deck, and is usually completely barren when not in use. Along the side is a set of grating stairs resembling that of a fire escape lead upwards to the top deck, coming out just behind the bridge. Otherwise its just a metallic grey-ish large room with no real features, save for one more.

The bay could quite easily store vehicles and still have plenty of space for cargo. Depending on the size, one might could fit smaller vehicles under the stairs.

Bulkhead & Cargo ramp

The inner bulkhead of the vessel, made of Durandium Alloy, is about as wide as the cargo bay itself, short by a foot on each side to make room for the door's space. The door is fairly thick, coming to 1'2” of semi-hallow Durandium. The ramp, however, is fairly thin, about 4 inches. The space in between the ramp and door is about ten feet. There is a panel inside to control the doors, and there is one inside the cargo bay on each side of the bulkhead.

Crew Quarters

The stock rooms are relatively spartan in design, having no actual decorations or anything in it, really, save for a single bulb light on the ceiling. However, it is one of the easiest to customize things on the ship as panels are fairly easily removable and wiring easy to access to change things.

AI room

The door to the AI room looks likes like all the other crew doors, plain light tan. It is the first room, closest to the bridge, on the starboard side. The interior of the room is cramped, with only a small space right next to the door kept open. The rest of the room is one massive computer, storing the ship's AI and it's data banks. In theory the AI could run the ship itself, save for any maintenance.


Right along side the AI room, on the port side, is a bathroom. It holds two toilets that are separated by a wall like stall in between. Another wall conceals a spacious shower-bathtub from the toilets. It isn't to different from the showers of the lower 2000s, and has two shower nozzles in case two want to use it, having space for it.

Lounge/Dining hall

The lounge is a rather spacious room, forming both the corridor and the rooms off shooting the corridor in one room. In the corners there are curve couches, with the center being dominated by a holo-field emitter for entertainment. Which can access networks for something to watch, or just using one of the three different consoles and it's collection of games to play. The walls that are toward the front of the ship hold bookshelves, with their books strapped in. There is a wide variety of books of different genres. Along the port wall is a large table which can be placed on top of the Halo-field emitter, and on the starboard there is a series of fold able chairs to create a dining table if wanted.

The walls of the lounge are a light tan, just like the corridors. However, there are a lot more indents into the walls for the weekly-changing displays, which dot about in a variety of sizes. The floor, however, is a variety of different colors of carpeting, from red to green, all the colors of the rainbow and in between really. Its fuzzy and comforting, kept warm as well.

Engineering/Engine room

This room is fairly cramped, having various wires going every which way. A medium, ship-wise, Aether generator sits off to the side and supplies two capacitors to power the ship. There are also fuel tanks which can be adjusted for a variety of fuels to power the vessel, or it's engines rather. The power plant of the vessel resides in the middle of the room, it giving off a strong warmth which radiates down the ship. This converts and channels the power to the various areas that requires it. There is a large console connected near it to control this. Basic access to the engines can also be done via the console, although anything physical has to be done from the outside.


The medical bay is actually rather barren, two tables along side each other for medical beds as well as a counter that is formed all around the room, with cabinets to hold various medicines and supplies. A console is set along the wall where the beds stick out from to display medically charts and the likes for the patients.

Storage room

These two rooms are incredibly spartan, although almost at all times are completely and totally stuffed with stored away food, water, spare parts, etc. The necessaries to keep a ship running. There isn't to much to say about them, though.


The kitchen is cramped just like several other areas of the ships, but it takes up it's space well. It has a full stove and over, as well as a sizely refrigerator to store things without having having to carry them from the store rooms on the lower deck. It has spacious counters similar to the med-bay of a marble like feel, and several drawers and cabinets containing pots, pans, plates, cutlery… All sorts of kitchen things. There is a door to the lounge from the kitchen, as well as one to the corridor.

Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The ship is made almost fully of Durandium Alloy, reinforced about a foot in from around the outside. (DR 6)

Computers and Electronics

The ship is kept with almost military grade (Mainly because it's various out fittings from spies) systems, and keeps a AI to match. Although the AI has changed multiple times, and it's efficiently changes each time.

Emergency Systems

The AI can control the air flow to areas of the ship as well as manually close the doors to seal off air flow to a section of the ship to extinguish fires, or to seal off breaches and the likes. The corridors have many panels that store some emergency supplies as well.

The ship has no escape pods, though.

Life Support Systems

There are five air recyclers on the Zoya, which are box like and house a independent algae that produce oxygen from carbon dioxide. One set above the bridge, one about the lounge, one just outside the engine room, and two in the cargo bay. Air flow is distrubuted by small ventilation shafts to all sections of the ship, and they can be closed if need be. The gravity system is kept in the engine room and is relatively small, but efficient.


The ship sports a Ion drive for STL movement as well as a ability to switch off to the use of fuel neigh-instantaneously. This is for the engines and the many ball thrusters on the ship.

The Zoya also sports a Hyperspace fold drive, like many other ships, for those long distances and “Pizza runs”.

Shield Systems

The ship sports a some what weak EMBLEM shield system that was installed into the Zoya. It forms a shield around the ship in a tear drop manner. (With the first being what it protects strongest against and the last which offers no protection; DR 5/4/2/0)

Weapons Systems

Twin Plasma Turret: These are the simple Plasma turrets found on many NAM ships, including the NAM-S1-01a Hray Class Stealth Gunship Gunship. Of course the Zoya isn't a NAM ship. And it doesn't have the NAM name, as it is slightly edited by the Lorath. The twin plasma turrets excite matter (Tungsten in this case, which is kept in 'clips' near the cannons) into a state of plasma, contains it in a magnetic field and fires it out at high velocities. The outgoing plasma is stabilized by five rotating barrels like a chaingun with two chainguns total on each turret. The turrets are shaped like a raised circle.

The interior of the turret on the Zoya is fairly cramped, sporting a small view port and a some what padded, but worn seat. There is also a targeting screen to ease with aiming, but otherwise the single joy stick controls the entire thing.

It is somewhat easy to replace with something else, like Lorath weapons or something different entirely.

  • Primary Role: Point Defense
  • Damage Rating Value: Heavy (DR 6)
  • Range: 100 km
  • Rate of Fire: 10 per second
  • Payload 30,000 rounds per turret

Vehicle Complement

There are no specific bays for vehicles of any kind, but the Cargo bay can fit fighters, tanks, etc inside it if need be. Granted… there is the problem of launching them if there is no atmosphere outside. Oh well.

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