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ISS Eyesore

ISS Eyesore is a Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter.


The stained old Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter was sold by a group of unscrupulous men to a woman by the name of Harm for 12,000KS. It is modified to have extra weapons and sensors, but the ship's condition is terrible. The interior looks as bad as the outside, covered in filth and corrosion. The musky old leather cockpit seats smell like piss and the ship's toilet reeks like a porto-john at a sold-out rock concert. There is a trail of dried vomit in the corner of the cargo area, where someone attempted to sweep it over to the wall, years ago.

Since its purchase it has been modified with nearly five gallons of Scentgel Industrial (Pineapple smell, from the makers of Heatlube Personal ) which only vaguely covers the smells from the previous owners. Since around YE 31 it had been used to transport meat products between Nepleslia and Pisces station, though secretly it had been set up to smuggle in equipment for the NMX.

As of YE the ship had been sold and resold a few times, before ending up in a Nepleslian Impound lot for general sale. Then, in the final quarter of YE 39, a creature purchased the Eyesore for a bag of money, cigarettes and a few hours with his friend.

In late YE 39, with the ship doing little more than filling a berth at the Lorath spaceport, she was procured as a transport freighter for the HX-14 mission on loan, after a thorough cleaning and attempt at repairs. This attempt wasโ€ฆ Less than successful. It was confirmed that the Eyesore's water heater was nonfunctional.

Come mid YE 40, the government that had previously owned the Eyesore had collapsed, leaving the ownership in question, though the last known operating company of the ship was Ironhart Research, an independent, sovereign company under the MECHA banner.

As of YE 42, the Eyesore was completely rebuilt, acting as a mobile research station and docking bay for Ironhart Research's 4 Eye III class stealth corvettes.


Since its purchase and reconstruction by Ironhart Research, the Eyesore recieved new engines, inner hull, shielding, and modernized navigational equipment, making it reliable, safe, and faster than it had previously been.

Speeds :

  • STL: 0.26c
  • CDD: 3 LY/h
  • Hyperspace: 55 LY/h


  • Bridge
  • Main cargo area
  • Pylon interiors (storage, crew quarters)


  • 8 Turrets

Mission Badges

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