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NSS Ichaival

The NSS Ichaival is the military designation for the Ichaival Collective, a Nomad-Class Solarfoil Corvette in service to the Nepleslian Star Navy. She was built over many years by settlers fleeting a planet, the name of which is lost to time. She is commanded by Commander Reclaimer Nightlight 60-1830-8741.



The Ichaival is apparently named after the mythological weapon of a figure of legend. The ship's motto is β€œTen for One” refers to the power the weapon wields to load one projectile and loose ten, in this case applied to recovering ten times more scrap than anyone else. She has a crew of 8, mixed between Freespacers and very few essential Nepleslians.

Ship's Emblem/Flag


The Ichaival can be classed roughly as one of many small, long-ranged, and highly modular Solarfoil Corvettes used by many modern Freespacer cadres. Bigger than the phantasm gunship but much smaller than a gypsy class industrial vessel, the ease of modification and ability to act independently saw the class burst into widespread use practically overnight in late YE 38 and with its growing popularity, the parts needed to replace destroyed components of the Ichaival Collective. There are several sections of the hull that appear to be made of an ancient, blackish metal with green veinlike conduits throughout, unlike the rest of its class. Most of the apparently damaged parts of the hull have been replaced with what appears to be standard Corvette materials. In addition, several internal systems seem to have the same black/green scheme as the exterior.



Events prior to the emergence of Reclaimer Nightlight from the wreckage of the Ichaival are lost to time. The ship was a husk, the Reclaimer created as a last dying command, completed years later. Alone, he rebuilt the sundered ship from what he could salvage to what eventually resembled a Nomad, though some surviving components are much older. After Nightlight made the ship flyable again, the ship was populated by several wanderers from the few spaceports the Ichaival visited for supplies. To follow the Reclaimer's prime directive, the ship joined Farthest Stride to better facilitate access to scrap for this purpose.

Role & Specialisation

The Ichaival is specialised for support and repair operations above all, given that the Freespacers who occupy the vessel take scrap as payment. In this sense, it does not take a frontline role and instead covers from the enemy while patching up allies. Once a battle has finished, the Ichavial wastes no time in fixing damage to friendly ships (as they keep it out of harm) and recovering what it can to upgrade its own systems.

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