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ISS Hikari One

The ISS Hikari One is an Origin Industries Fleet Yards Starlyte C Model registered in the Yamatai Star Empire as CYP-C03-0227.

Hikari One

About the ISS Hikari One

The ISS Hikari One is a luxurious, secure transport operated by Takeda Fleet for the personal use of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko.

ISS Hikari One
Name ISS Hikari One
Namesake Hikari (ε…‰) is the Yamataigo word for β€œLight”
Owner Takeda Fleet
Operator Takeda Fleet
Port of Registry Amatsu-Motoyoshi "Port Hachidori", Jiyuu II Orbit
Home Port Jiyuu III
Builder Origin Industries Fleet Yards, Noval Luxury Engineering
Class Starlyte Model C
Commissioned YE 42
Registry CYP-C03-0227
Status Active

The Ship's Patch

The ISS Hikari One's ship patch is below.

 ISS Hikari One Patch The ship's patch is the personal seal of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and features the Evening Orchid, her namesake flower that symbolizes overcoming adversity to blossome once again. This symbol invokes nostalgia and important historical references for the Motoyoshi Clan.


Takeda Fleet Emblem Hikari One crew duty uniforms, part of their Yugumo Corporation Standard Issue, consist of Type 43 Yugumo Corporation Uniforms, bearing the Takeda Fleet emblem on the right shoulder, and the Hikari One ship's patch on the left. Yugumo Corporation rank insignia are worn on the jumpsuit. When outdoors planetside, a black beret with the ships patch on the flash is worn as headgear. Coveralls and security response armor are also dark grey and have the same patches and insignia. Flight suits are dark grey with light purple panels and dark purple trim.


The ISS Hikari One was constructed in YE 34, and was purchased new by Takeda Fleet in YE 42 after an extensive search for a new ship built in such a significant year for the Motoyoshi Clan. Hikari One was given a bespoke upfit by Noval Luxury Engineering in at a cost of 533,250 KS1) above the purchase price.2) It was presented to Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko as a gift from Motoyoshi Tachiko for the YE 42 Unity Festival3).


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These modifications have been made which vary from the original design of the Starlyte Model C:

Computers and Electronics

The ship's computers, communications, and sensors suite has been upgraded to the full "Destiny" AI Queen Suite. To accomodate the change, the ship's computers have been upgraded to a full X-type Quantum Computer Node (10 Modules).

Drone Berths

Eight Anthroform Drone Berth, Type 42 are at the corners of the passenger cabin, fore and aft, port and starboard, in pairs with a storage unit between each pair. These, designed to house EM-J6-1 "Rayleigh" security drones, are masterfully concealed behind panels in such a way that their deployment cannot be obstructed.

Emergency Systems

Four EM-G19 - Survival Kits are stored in hidden floor compartments, and eight cases of Emrys Emergency Rations along with them. These compartments are accessible from inside the emergency bubbles they are closest to.

Noval Luxury Engineering

Noval Luxury Engineering was contracted for a full update and refit of the ship:

Chairman Package

Noval Luxury Engineering's highest available package, the Chairman Package, was only the starting point for this vessel. Together with a famous artist from the Sanctum system, Noval designed an interior that is classy and subtle, while distinctly belonging to the craft's intended owner, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko.

Ample, luxurious seating lines one wall of the main cabin. Each chair is fully kitted out, including noise canceling and tactile response that work in tandem with the craft's new volumetric display capabilities, so that any individual in the cabin can have their own independent work space. Most striking is a piece of artwork, delicately worked into the wall's fabric, that displays a rendition of Katsuko's history. Graceful lines, made of high quality fabric piping instead of simple paint, illustrate her rise, fall, and rise again, with beautiful accents denoting major events in her life. The Evening Orchid emblem is centrally positioned along the lines and wall both.

To a casual observer unfamiliar with the woman's history, the wall is an impressive piece of art that is pleasing to the eye. To someone who knows her, the wall contains details in such an abstract form that it could take days to fully traverse the history within.

Other details of the craft's interior have been similarly enhanced from Noval's 'basic' Chairman Package. Improved security and safety systems are tucked into nearly surface, ready to defend or rescue the craft's passengers at a moment's notice. All fabrics and surfaces, save for the art installation, have been colored using Omnihue. Luxuries simple and extravagant are within arm's reach at all times, without ever appearing gaudy.

In short, the craft is a masterpiece of understated elegance, possessing every possible amenity one could imagine without being overly ostentatious.


The HONEY SLAM's power supply has been upgraded to quadruple-capacity, and an additional HONEY SLAM, also with quadruple power supply, has been added for auxiliary, emergency, and backup power.


While the base Starlyte is an unarmed vessel, phased array laser weaponry was chosen for the Hikari One due to the discreet, space-saving nature that allows for true spherical firing arcs for all weapons, as well as native systems integration. The arrays are built flush into the surface of the hull, and have the ability to muster among themselves:

Internal Security

Internally, there are enough pop-out Scalar Field automated weapons turrets positioned as to cover the entire interior with at least three of them able to aim at any one spot, with no blind spots or effective cover. These weapons are equivalent to a TC Type 33/C Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol each, but draw power directly from the ship's power systems4). They are capable of firing in lethal and nonlethal modes, independently of each other. They are not capable of firing at targets outside of the ship. Additionally, hidden, armored vaults in strategic places around the cabin and cockpit contain actual TC Type 33/C Nekovalkyrja Service Pistols, ready to open at the mental command of an authorized person.


The updates and modifications to the craft, such as Durandium Alloy armor and uprated engines have changed its statistics from the baseline Starlyte:

  • Damage Rating (Version 3): Tier 8 (Medium Mecha)
  • Shields: Tier 8 (Medium Mecha, barrier)
  • Hyperspace Fold Drive: .75 ly/min
  • Sublight Engines: .425c
  • In Atmosphere: 3480 km/h 5)
  • Range: Up to eight months of fuel
  • Maximum Capacity: 12 passengers


Takeda Fleet provides a captain, first officer, and flight attendant for this ship, as well as a security detail of eight.

Ship's Avatar

OOC Notes

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Compared to a β€œmere” 173,250 KS for their top-of-the-line Chairman Package
2020 April 08
With backup power equivalent to a YB-28A Triple-Power Magazine.
967 m/s
This is a Yamataigo (ι‚ͺ馬台θͺž) pun, the cat is named Katsuko, but it is written with different Kanji than that of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko

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