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This wiki is the Star Army® community's encyclopedia, index, and concordance for our unique, ever-growing shared fictional universe. It is our guidebook for participating in and contributing to the Star Army Roleplay (SARP). Our wiki contains 12160 articles and 11423 media files (mostly images). Imagine how many printed RPG sourcebooks that would fill!

image of a Star Army space battleship orbiting a planet

Wiki Contents

You can find a list of major topics in the sidebar, which is located on the left, or minimized at the top of each page if you are using a narrow screen such as a phone. Alternatively, you can use the search box to find articles. There is also a site map linked near the search box. On mobile, it is found in the drop-down menu.

Adding Content & Using the Wiki

In general, everything that happens in the Star Army RP becomes canon, so please add information about any events that occur and characters who appear in the roleplay, so that we can keep the universe internally consistent. Creative contributions are also encouraged; you can expand the edges and fill in the gaps of the setting. Also feel free to fix any typos you find and update outdated pages. Be bold!

You need to be logged in to edit pages. This wiki and the forum have separate login systems.

Page tools are located floating on the right side of the page, or in the “tools” dropdown in mobile (narrow screen) view.

  1. DokuWiki - About this wiki software
    1. Formatting Syntax - Coding guide for editing wiki pages
    2. Wiki Style Guide - What pages should look like
    3. Wiki Namespaces - Where to put your pages

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