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The Star Army® Wiki

This wiki is the Star Army® community's encyclopedia, index, and concordance for our unique, ever-growing shared fictional universe and it is our guidebook for participating in and contributing to the Star Army Roleplay (SARP). It contains over 11,300 articles and 8,700 media files (mostly pictures). Imagine how many printed RPG sourcebooks that would fill!

In general, everything that happens in the Star Army RP is canon, so please add information about any events that occur and characters who appear, so that we can keep the universe internally consistent. Your creative contributions are also encouraged. You can expand the edges and fill in the gaps of the setting. Also feel free to fix any typos you find and update outdated pages. Be bold!

Important: Please note the wiki's login is separate from the forum's login system.

Table of Contents

The following links provide an overview of the Star Army® Roleplaying Game.


The section contains the essential knowledge to start roleplaying in the Star Army RP.


  1. characters - general guide for characters, including the lists of existing characters
  2. Creating a Character - Character creation information and species-specific guides
  3. Adopting Old Characters - how to adopt an abandoned character as your own


  1. Roleplaying - Instructional guide to roleplaying on Star Army
  2. Rules - Rules for roleplay on Star Army
  3. Player's Rights - Your rights as a player
  4. Active Plots - Star Army's current roleplaying campaigns
  5. Member Directory - list of members
  6. Guide to Independent Characters - Resources for independent RP
  7. On Military Roleplaying - Thoughts on military RP
  8. Game Master and Leadership Roles - Hub page for GMs, FMs
  9. Contributing to the Setting - Hub page for adding new articles (like ships) and art

The Setting

Note: There's a general setting overview on the New Players Guide.

  1. Timeline - The Star Army universe's history by year.
    1. ye_37 - The current year.

Factions & Groups

Main article: Factions.

  1. Yamatai Star Empire - Star Army's anime-inspired main faction.
    1. Star Army of Yamatai - YSE's military. The site's namesake.
  2. democratic imperium of nepleslia - the big human/cyborg faction
    1. Nepleslian Navy - DION's space fleet
    2. Nepleslian Space Marine Corps - DION's space marines
  3. Abwehran Star Empire - Four armed heavyworlders
  4. elysian_celestial_empire - An angel-themed suzerainty of the Yamatai Star Empire.
  5. freespacers - Networked space hippies. Currently a protectorate of Nepleslia.
  6. government - Alien dudes
  7. hidden_sun_clan - Feline alien scavengers from the South
  8. iromakuanhe astral commonwealth - Horned humanoids.
  9. kingdom_of_neshaten - Fox dudes
  10. Lorath Matriarchy - Winged humanoids
  11. Origin_Industries - A megacorporation
  12. sesestran_colonial_union - Humans and UOC remnants

Items & Equipment

  1. food - Things your character can eat.
  2. Water - Dihydrogen monoxide and you.
  3. Military Equipment - Star Army's incredible selection of gear.
  4. List of Small Aerospace Craft (Shuttles, Fighters, Bombers)
  5. List of Ground Vehicles - Cars, trucks, and tanks to drive
  6. Custom Apparel Guide - Make your own epic clothing.
  7. List of Firearms and Combat Gear - Guns. Lots of guns.
  8. Medical Guide ⚕️ - Drugs and things to help you heal.
  9. List of Miscellaneous Products - Neat stuff to buy.
  10. list of drinks - Neat stuff to drink.
  11. List of Notable Starships - Ships by name

Miscellaneous Articles


Share Star Army

  1. Terms and Conditions - Website TOS. Includes copyright policies.

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