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System 000604

The 000604 system was discovered by Elysian scouts in YE 24 and would eventually be settled by the The 4th Great Elysian Celestial Empire.

Star Data

000604 is a star in the system of the same name that has collapsed into a black hole. It is located in the western star sector and is the home of the The 4th Great Elysian Celestial Empire. The death spiral of the star has consumed the planets closest to it, leaving only an inner ring of debris and an outer area of gas giants around the black hole that remains.

  • Name: 000604
  • Type: Black Hole

Planetary Data

Below is the statistical information of planets in the system.

Planetary Overview
Order Name Type Distance
1 001604 Gas Giant 9AU


  • Type: Gas Giant
  • Orbital Radius: 9 AU
  • Period: 20 year(s)
  • Gravity: 11.02 m/s²
  • Planetary Population: 0
  • Natural Satellites: 13
  • Climate: Stormy

More information: 001604 houses the fleet responsible for constructing the new Elysian home world, a series of massive star bases that house the main Elysian population. It has also been named Purgatory as a reminder of the Elysians previous repeated failures. The planet is mostly gaseous and has only a small metallic core.

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