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188-604 System

The 188-604 System is a star system to the west of the Kikyo sector.


The star system shares the name of Planet 188-604, which was settled thousands of years ago by humans in a mostly failed colonization attempt. The planet was rediscovered in YE 20 by Elysians.

By YE 36 the planet had regressed to a barely industrial society with many settlements scattered around the surface, usually near sources of water.

In YE 38 Uso Tasuki heard of the planet through her Elysian contacts. Having spent nearly all her money from her last job she decided to have a little fun and try her hand at world domination.

The system now is the main star system of Uso's Star Organization, and has a growing modern city supporting its population.

Star Data

The star of the Backyard system is a type O star. Below are statistics for the star.

  • Name: Sumter
  • Type: G
  • Mass: 1.7 stellar masses

Planetary Data

There are severeral planets in this system. Below is their statistical information.

Planetary Overview
Order Name Type Distance Mass Radius
1 Super Hot Rock
2 Small Hot Rock
3 Rock world
4 Planet 188-604 Sandy World 125.65 million km 4.77 to 24rd kg 6042.044 km
5 Large Cool & Gassy
6 Massive Cold & Gassy
7 Ice Cold!
8 Actually just Ice
9 Near 0k rock


Planet 188-604
aka, 'Usotza', 'Ragna-World', 'Camur'
General Characteristics
Gravity 0.8G
Population 1.5 Billion
Climate Cool, Dry, and Sandy
188604 was an underdeveloped, largely ignored world on the edges of the Kyoto sector until Uso came along with her uplifting operation. The planet now serves as the capital for the organization.

OOC Notes

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