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Akina was originally colonized under the control of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet and protection until YE 29 when the Mishhuvurthyar conquered the Bard Cluster. It was then under the control of the Mishhuvurthyar until their defeat in YE 30, when Akina was released to the Yamatai Star Empire's control as part of the Intergalactic Armistice Agreement of YE 30 (IAA) signed at the International Relations Conference of YE 30.

Flag of the Yamatai Star Empire

After the Mishhuvurthyar were driven off the system was once again under the control of the Yamatai Star Empire . The system was under the control of the Fourth Standard Fleet, and it was re-colonized primarily by former Yamatai Star Empire soldiers.

There are many sites visible from orbit where the Mishhuvurthyar were conducting massive strip mining, they are slowly being reclaimed by the environment.

In YE 32 the colony was expanded by an influx of colonists from the outer planets of the Bard Cluster. The Fourth Standard Fleet cannibalizing material and equipment from their damaged ships they created a fort on the planet and stationed soldiers on the planet. The Fourth Standard Fleet assisted the planet's colonists to develop Militias, they equipped them with obsolete/surplus equipment.

There is a Frontier Starport established by the fleet for civilian and military traffic.

In YE 33 the 4sf installed a 4SF Standard "Guriddo" System Deployment to protect the planet from space. There is a Frontier Fort on the planet to defend the surface.

"Guriddo" Defense System

In YE 33 the Fourth Standard Fleet deployed 4SF Standard "Guriddo" System Deployment for the defense of Akina.

Star Akina

Heading Details
Type: M6 Red Dwarf
Size: V
Stellar radii: .44
Stellar mass: .41
Temp: 2,500º K


Heading Details
Planetary radius: 8,054 km
Surface gravity: 1. G
Escape velocity: 11.00 km/sec
Rotation (day): 25 hr
Length of year: .81 years (295.23 days)
Number of satellites: 2
Population: 500,000

There is one habitable world Planet Akina This planet's atmosphere is nitrogen, oxygen, and trace elements. The polar regions are ice covered, which covers approximately twenty-five percent of the surface. Oceans cover seventy-nine percent of the surface. Land masses account for twenty-one percent of the surface, there are a number landmasses, and numerous chains of islands. Plant life is abundant. Oceans support a variety of marine life forms. A variety of simple animals are present on the land masses.

Planet 2

Heading Details
Type: Rock
Stellar radius: 0.33 AU
Planetary radius: 1,200 km
Surface gravity: (0.40 x earth)
Escape velocity: 3.91 m/s2
Rotation (day): 37.3 hr
Length of year: 2.59 x 103 hours (0.30 earth years)
Number of satellites: 0

Planet 3

Heading Details
Type: Rock
Stellar radius: 0.45 AU
Planetary radius: 3,300 km
Surface gravity: 1.19G
Escape velocity: 11.62 m/s2
Rotation (day): 37.3 hr
Length of year: 4.17 x 103 hours (0.48 earth years)
Number of satellites: 5
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