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Al'Mirzam System

Al'Mirzam is strange and mysterious system that was first discovered roughly 7 LY to the south of the Iruotl System, by a probe initially sent out in the early AR 600's. The system was originally deemed to be unsuitable for life because no vaguely habitable or terraformable worlds were detected, but a recent expedition by the Astral Vanguard revealed an unusual artificial planet-like body a significant distance from the binary star system's two suns, and further out, the remains of a massive fleet that appears to have been destroyed by some great cataclysm.

It is this mysterious artifact and the massive field of ancient wreckage on the far rim of the system which have drawn the attention of the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth. It is in the current era that many young Eyr Ranr have come to the artifact, to see the mysterious β€œWorld of the Endless Sky” for themselves.

System Data

Below is the system data:


Douga is the white main sequence star of the system's two stars.

  • Type F8V White Main Sequence Star
  • Radius 5.77265 x 10^8 m (.97 Sol)
  • Mass 1.8496956 x 10^30 kg (.93 Sol)
  • Temperature 7197 K
  • Luminosity 4.6068 x 10^26 (1.2 Sol)


Avaris is the yellow main sequence star of the system's two stars.

  • Type G6V Yellow Main Sequence Star
  • Radius 7.6456315 x 10^8 m (1.0993 Sol)
  • Mass 2.17587848 x 10^30 kg (1.094 Sol)
  • Temperature 5730 K
  • Luminosity 3.87 x 10^26 W (1.0081 Sol)

Dyaus Corona

The Dyuas Corona is a circumstellar cloud that sits between the world of Al'Mirzam and the system's binary stars, forming a blueish purple ring of dust and gas that completely encircles the system for millions of kilometers, drawn in by the forces of gravity but never enough to cause the cloud to aggregate into a complete celestial body or be pulled into the center of the system. This results in most views of the system's suns being cut on a slant, when seen from Al'Mirzam.

  • Type Gas Cloud
  • Orbital Radius (2-6.5 AU)


Al'Mirzam is the only planet-like object of the system.

  • Type Artificial Planet
  • Orbital Radius 11 AU
  • Period 61.360 x 10^3 Hours (7 Earth Years)
  • Hydrosphere 97% Water, 3% Ice
  • Atmosphere Breathable
  • Biosphere Complex Fauna and Flora
  • Gravity 8.2 m/s2 (.831 Earth)
  • Population Unknown

Ereshkigal Debris Field

  • Type Debris Fields
  • Orbital Radius 19.2 AU
  • Period 388.325 x 10^3 Hours (44.3 Earth Years)
  • Contents: Unknown Black Claw-era Wreckage, Unknown Origin (99% Unsalvageable)

OOC Notes

Revised by Ame.

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