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Type: Terrestrial
Population: 330 Million (YE 34 Concensus
Satallites: 2
Orbital Stations: 2
Affiliation: Yamatai Star Empire

Named after the famous Nepleslian general and tactician Anisa Harrison (Arisa Anisa in Yamataian), Anisa was first colonized by the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 23. It has a population of 330 million.

Flag of Anisa

Anisa was formerly home to the Star Army of Yamatai's Third Expeditionary Fleet, which maintained an orbital star fortress there.

Civilian cargo shipping is primarily provided by Trinary Star Shipping, which has storefronts in all of the planet's major cities.

Planet Anisa

Anisa is a lush forest world created in the typical image of Yamatai; it is covered in vast seas and oceans of pristine blues, snowcapped gray mountains, and enormous dark green coniferous forests.

In response to the food shortage caused by the Battle of Yamatai, Anisa opened a large number of farms and the Star Army of Yamatai constructed a Frontier Starport in YE 34.

White Harbor Station

White Harbor Station, the corporate headquarters of the Murasaki Keiretsu and its subsidiary companies is located in orbit of Anisa at the planet's L2 Lagrange point.

Communications are provided by a network of Emrys Satellites put into orbit in YE 34.

In YE 34, 200 million refugees from the former United Outer Colonies were put on the planet with Escape Pods that served as their initial homes while they started farms and towns. You can often see the old pods built into people's homes or along the roadsides.

Toward the end of YE 34, Senator Asunana, Yuki, authorized the construction of six new cities - to serve as new homes for the refugees. Construction started just a week after the announcement, with some refugees - being enthusiastic about the prospect of a new home - lending a hand with the construction.

Being an agriculutral world, Yuki also set about authorizing more land to be used for growing crops, with refugees lining up to land a potential job within these new businesses.

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