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System P1-5 "Area 52"

The P1-5 star system, named after its foremost important planet “Area 52”, contains four planets, none of them which are terrestrial or even close to habitable. While planets Pasco I, II and IV are fairly ripe with iron, silicone and, in Pasco IV's case, copper, Pasco III is a barren planet, with very little in the ways of obtainable resources. As a result, Nepleslian Arms and Munitions claimed the seemingly useless barren waste planet and has put it to more beneficial use; testing high-grade explosives and warheads in planetary conditions, which in turn gave rise to the name for Pasco III, Area 52. Because of the military presence around Area 52, the Tienshinhan-class Star Fortress over the planet is almost always occupied by both NAM personnel and military benefactors, as well as several construction yards and industrial craft commissioned by Nepleslian Arms and Munitions to assist in testing and production processes.

System description

Sun Type Red Dwarf
Celestial Bodies 3 Rock Planets, 1 Ice Planet, 1 Asteroid Belt
Current Occupants Nepleslian Arms and Munitions

System Military Assets

Barren Waste World: Area 52


Type Rock Planet, Barren landscape
Radius 8000km
Surface Area 91,002,345 km2
Land Area 91,002,345 km2
Mass 5,600,321, 034 kg
Density 3.56
Composition Rock, sand, dirt. Large underground aquifers allow for limited habitation


Climate Types Barren waste, dust storms on occasion
Flora Density None whatsoever
Fauna Density None whatsoever
Length of Day Seventeen hours
Average Temperature Almost always -10 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. No natural moisture.


While most of the population resides in the safety of the orbital facilities above Area 52, there are several “Safe Zones” present on the surface for operations that need to be grounded. The most prominent of these safe zones is Site 8, which is located almost directly under the planet's orbital defense platforms. Site 8 contains mostly living quarters and a few commercial areas for select organizations, and acts as a transport hub to the other safe-zone sites, as well as the orbital facilities via starport.

Capitol Site 8
Demographics NAM Personnel, SMoDIN Personnel
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