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Waypoint Trade

A Harbor-class Trade Station built in the Second Quarter of 260 AF (YE 32, Waypoint Trade was constructed in the ASE-006 system as a resupply and rest point for commerce traveling the Two-Jaspis Spaceway.


A Harbor-class Trade Station has 1000 spaces for offices and facilities for the purpose of representing their specific organization. The maximum amount of slots that can be rented by civilian companies is 50 slots while the maximum amount of slots available for embassies is 10 slots.

The Civilian Space Administration Agency automatically has 500 slots for the purpose of ship docks and maintenance, which doesn't count to the 1000 spaces for offices and facilities.

Organization Facility Type Amount of Slots Rented
Civilian Space Administration Agency Ship Maintenance and Dock Rental 500
Total remaining Slots: 1000

Businesses / Locations of Note

A Harbor-class Trade Station has 2000 slots available for local businesses and establishments for the purpose of retail and recreation. The maximum amount of slots available for any business owner / franchise is 100 slots1).

Business / Firm Facility Type Amount of Slots Rented
Total remaining Slots: 2000

Nature Parks

There are twenty Nature Parks located in various locations around Waypoint Trade. Each Nature Park represents a specific biome from Abwehr:

Spaceway Adventure Land

A space-themed Amusement Park based upon the daring exploits of HMS Dauntless Marine Company and their documentary novel series. The Mascot of the Park is “the Bootsmann”, a decommissioned Dämon Infantry Power Armor painted white with a gold star upon his chest, and can be seen posing for pictures with children and tourists.

The main attraction is a Magnetic-Capsule Coaster called Star Fighter's Last Flight, which accelerates to a blistering 9 Gs through many of the loops and turns. Warning: Not suitable for the Elderly, Pregnant Xenos, and Xenos Children. Some side attractions include Roid Wars2), Dream of a Marine3), and Himmler's House of Frights4).

Every Day5) ends with a live show featuring adventures from the Stellar Wolves novel series. Decommissioned Dämon Infantry Power Armor are used to represent both Marines and Pirates as they confront each other for the entertainment of the audience.

Waypoint Trade Agriculture

The Agricultural Section of Waypoint Trade provides enough produce and domesticated herd animals to sustain both the populations of Waypoint Military Outpost and itself. There is enough surplus food produced per year to resupply any civilian vessel that docks with it6).

Waypoint Gravball Arena

Currently only available to the Amateur League of Gravball, the Waypoint Gravball Arena was constructed in the hopes of a future Inter-Empire League of Gravball. While an Amateur circuit of this exists, it's only based upon regularly free traders and small trade companies that have gotten together to sponsor such events.

The Waypoint Gravball Area has a capacity for 5,000 individuals and has the capability to broadcast any game occurring throughout the station. It also had built-in medical facilities, concessions, and gymnasium7).

Waypoint Recreation Park

Unlike the Nature Parks, Waypoint Recreation Park is an area that contains numerous sport fields from many cultures in the known galaxy. Waypoint Recreation Park has fields and spaces for the following sports:

Non-Abwehran Sports:

  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Space for Future Sports

Abwehran Sports:

  • Space for Future Sports

OOC Notes

:!: Individuals are free to add new businesses or offices to the station as long as they receive permission from the Abwehran Faction Manager, Abwehran Commander. Please contact him either by Forum Private Message or via the StarArmy IRC Channel. :!:

This page was originally created on 2013/05/12 14:50 by Abwehran Commander.

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a zero-g laser tag game
a musical cart ride to the song Its Good to be a Spaceman
a walk through compartment of horrors and scares
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