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Asura System

The Asura system is located very near one of the larger nebula to the galactic south of the Yugumo Cluster. It's 20ly from Jiyuu, and a burgeoning system of commerce that also includes tours of what many locals refer to as the 'Ayumi Nebula' that dominates local space. The system's star is on the hotter end of most main sequence G stars, so most planets that are hospitable are farther away from the star.

Flag of Asura

Leo Star Fortress is stationed in this system.

Statistical Information on the Asura System

System Name: Asura

  • Star:(1) Yellow-White Main Sequence
  • Star Name: Asura
  • Type: G
  • Surface Temperature: 6200 K
  • Average Mass (Compared to Yamatai Standard): 1.59
  • Radius (Compared to Yamatai Standard): 1.27
  • Yerkes Luminosity: Type V
  • Number of Planets: 11


Asura I

  • Type: Rock Planet
  • Colonies: None
  • Other uses: None
  • Colonies: AsuraIa-AsuraIb

Orbital Radius: 5.44 x 107 km (0.36 AU) Period: 1.52 x 10^3 hours (0.17 YE)

Asura II

  • Type: Rock Planet
  • Colonies: Mining
  • Population: 424 civilians
  • Other uses: Possible Terraforming - Exploration needed
  • Moons: None

Orbital Radius: 1.13 x 10^8 (0.75 AU) Period: 4.53 x 10^3 hours (0.52 YE)

Asura (III)

  • Type: Terrestrial Planet Yamatai-Like / Tropical
  • Colonies: Soran Nast, Mochizuki Beach, Hopetown, Asura City, Osaka
  • Population: 3,735,423,976
  • Other uses: Center of Commerce for system, tourism
  • Moons: Kaki -Inhabitable but unexplored
  • Year: .91 YE
  • Special: Crossing planetary rings, popular tourist attraction.

This is the system's capital planet, the citizens are still trying to expand smaller colonies to fit more people as it's one of the more popular planets to live on outside of the Yugumo cluster. Tourism used to be a popular industry, since one can be on the beach, watch the rings, and visit the nebula all in one day. One city is on the shortlist for the region's capital building. Most of the citizens who survived the death of the UOC have split into factions, or been polarized into groups and communities based on race, creed, or employment.

It is also part of the PAINT mass transportation system and has a terminal operated by Yugumo Corporation, offering flights to Jiyuu Fleet Depot, Jiyuu III every 5 hours.

For more information, see Asura III.

Ishikawa (IV)

  • Type: Terrestrial Planet ~Temperate / Desert
  • Colonies: Leadville, Aoyama, Death Waste Rim
  • Population: 253,510,266 Civilian and Military
  • Other uses: Military Center for the System, has largely not been explored -
  • Moons: IshikawaIVa-c

This is the second inhabitable planet in the system, though very little is known about most of it so far. Most colonies are in the temperate areass, as much of the planet is essentially a desert. Terraforming companies might find interest in here once the strange rumours about the planet are allayed.

Belt I

  • Type: Asteroid Belt
  • Other uses: Exploration incomplete

Heavy mining potential, requires exploration. Heavy industries are still vying for the rights.

Asura V

  • Type: Gas Giant
  • Colonies: None-possible on moons
  • Population: -None-unexplored
  • Other uses: Military Stations
  • Moons: AsuraVa-AsuraVL

A giant of primarily darker shades of gas such as rich cobalt and others, this is sometimes a stop for cruises overnight when the nebula isn't an option. The moons are yet unexplored, but most initial surveys agree some are habitable.

Asura VII

  • Type: Ice Giant
  • Other uses: Exploration Ongoing

While a large planet, it is primarily caked in very thick, and inhabitable layers of ice.

Belt II

  • Type: Asteroid Belt
  • Other uses: Not Explored

Asura VIII

  • Type: Gas planet
  • Other uses: Possible Terraforming - Exploration needed
  • Moons: 12 Small moons, some fit for stable colonies

Asura IX

  • Type: Gas planet
  • Other uses: Possible Terraforming - Exploration needed
  • Special: Brilliant colours, possible gas miner station

Asura X

  • Type: Gas planet
  • Other uses: Possible Terraforming - Exploration needed
  • Special: 25 small moons, 4 large

Asura XI

Map Locations
Map to UseKikyo Sector
Map Display NameAsura
Map Coordinates2471,938
Map ImportanceMinor RP Location
Map Marker
Map Tooltip ContentBurgeoning System of Commerce
Show label?yes
Marker AnchorBottom Center
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Place Categoriesstar system

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