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This article is a work in progress; It is currently not approved as canon.

Colonized by the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 36, Aurigaesha is a system located just a short distance from the Ketsurui military Sector, to the galactic south of UX-18. Its lone habitable planet saw some colonization by the Empire. A probe was later sent to investigate in the early part of YE 37, and a special task force was created to investigate this system.

Star Data

This is the systems star, a red dwarf that is currently in the process of dying out.

Type M6 V Red Dwarf
Radius 2.71 x 105 km (0.39 x sol)
Mass 5.53 x 1029 kg (0.28 x sol)
Temperature 2500 K
Luminosity 1.80 x 1025 W (0.05 x sol)

Aurigaesha I

Colonized in YE 36, Aurigaesha is a curious planet to find within the system, notably due to its closeness to the systems star. Despite this, it is located within the systems habitable belt, allowing planet and animal life to thrive. The planet is covered in a large amount of water, with only small to medium sized islands being areas that are liveable and where cities have been built.

Type Terrestrial World
Orbital Radius 2.51 x 107 km (0.17 AU)
Period 1.14 x 103 hours (0.13 earth years)
Physics Large ocean
Gravity 12.49 m/s2 (1.28 x earth)
Hydrosphere 90 % water, 3 % ice
Atmosphere Dense breathable
Biosphere Microbes, algae, invertibrates
Special Heavy radiation, heavy volcanism

Aurigaesha II

Not much is known about Aurigaesha II due to the Second Mishhuvurthyar War putting a halt to exploration. What is known, is that the planet is orbited by a very large moon roughly half of its own size, its surfaces are covered in wreakage.

Type Rock Planet
Orbital Radius 4.13 x 107 km (0.28 AU)
Period 2.41 x 103 hours (0.28 earth years)
Gravity 12.65 m/s2 (1.29 x earth)
Special Large moon, wreckage of a crashed starship

Aurigaesha III

The third planet in the system, this rocky world is almost 80% covered in lava, with only small areas that are not. The surface temperature routinely hits over 2,000 degrees during the day.

Type Rock Planet
Orbital Radius 6.24 x 107 km (0.42 AU)
Period 4.47 x 103 hours (0.51 earth years)
Gravity 7.24 m/s2 (0.74 x earth)
Special Heavy volcanic activity

Aurigaesha IV

The fourth, and last, planet in the system; Aurigaesha IV is a rocky planet with some ice-caps located beneath the surface along the northern and southern poles; there is evidence that a civilization once lived on the surface.

Type Rock Planet
Orbital Radius 9.93 x 107 km (0.66 AU)
Period 8.96 x 103 hours (1.03 earth years)
Gravity 6.42 m/s2 (0.66 x earth)
Special 4 small moons
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