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Star System E-4

E-4 is an uninhabited star system. It was formerly claimed by the United Outer Colonies, but no colonization effort was actually made.



Type: Super Giant
Class: G
Radiation Output: High

Planetary Information


Type: Malformed
Size: Medium
Primary Composition: Silica, titanium, copper, nerimium
Atmosphere: None
Moons: 3
Climate: Near Molten
Information: During the later parts of the E-4 Star's life, planets formed, and when E-4-I formed it did so in an entirely wrong manner. The 'planet' is actually several separate rocks held together by their mutual gravitational fields and the fact of them just happening to go in the same direction.


Type: Terrestrial Tropical/Aquatic
Size: Large
Primary Composition: Nickel, copper, zinc
Atmosphere: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen
Moons: 6
Climate: Water Saturated
Information: E-4-II has all the things which would theoretically make a planet habitable. Oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, forests, water. The latter of the three however, the water, is also what makes it nearly impossible to settle. The heat of E-4-II is hot enough to have raised the temperature of the water of the planet to the point where the entire interior of the planet's atmosphere is comprised of water saturated air. Steam is present everywhere on the planet, just in varying temperatures which have made it possible for life to even scrape by in such an environment. However, other than the atmosphere which can cause a person to drown, the planet shows promise for colonization.


Type: Chemical Saturated
Size: Medium
Primary Composition: Thorium, Tungsten, Cobalt, Nerimium, Hafnium
Atmosphere: Hydrogen, Chlorine, Carbon-Monoxide, Carbon-Dioxide, Sulfur, Methane
Moons: 4
Climate: Toxic
Information: A miserable planet which has enough chemical toxins in the atmosphere to make even the most durable of species die within moments. Corrosive compounds also pose a threat to unprotected vehicles. The only thing which makes the miserable rock worth while are sizable deposits of valuable minerals and compounds.


Type: Molten
Size: Very large
Primary Composition: Iron, zinc, nickel
Atmosphere: Nitrogen, Helium, Carbon dust
Moons: 1
Climate: Overcast
Information: Melted, that is the best way to discribe the surface of E-5-IV. Magma flows freely over the surface of the planet. Fire is a non-issue due to an absence of oxygen, however, the sheer heat of melted rocks make up for the lack as temperatures remain regulated to somewhere around 35C on this planet by a sort of equilibrium between the ash saturated upper atmosphere, the heated rock, and the light available from the system's star.


Type: Terrestrial… almost
Size: Large
Primary Composition: Magnesium, thorium, phosphorus
Atmosphere: Oxygen… lots of it. Carbon-Dioxide
Moons: 0
Climate: On Fire
Information: A fine example of a chemical nightmare. During the development of this planet. Life formed and all seemed quite well. Unfortunately, a type of moss grew upon the surface of this planet which resulted in an over-saturation of the atmosphere with oxygen, far too much oxygen. Weather on the planet was a perpetual calm. Geological activity was nil. Moss grew thick… until one small rock managed to cross through the planet's atmosphere from space, and impact the surface of the planet. A single spark, that was all that was needed to set the surface of the planet ablaze. Seemingly perpetual fires dance over the surface of the planet, consuming oxygen in one section, and moving onward. Once moss regrows in the ravaged sections of the planet, oxygen is regenerated and fire soon returns. The cycle has continued over the surface of E-5-V for at least a millennium.

In YE 36, the Star Army of Yamatai deployed a Bisen Lighthouse in orbit as an emergency stopping point for space travelers.


Type: Gas Giant
Size: Very Large
Primary Composition: Lead, iron
Atmosphere: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Helium
Moons: 14
Climate: Perpetual Wind
Information: E-5-VI is not a very remarkable planet. A gas giant, with no remarkable features other than a rather lovely hue of blue.

System Interior

Nestled between the star of the system and the first planet is a dense field of rocky particles which have surrounded the star in a perpetual haze. Beyond the debris field are a series of large asteroids which consist of molten exteriors. These asteroids are suspected of housing quantities of precious materials.

System Exterior

The edge of the E-4 system has no remarkable features other than thin purple-ish streamers of particles which are slowly drawn from the surrounding nearby nebula.

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