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System R-4 "Gold Coast"

Located in the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse, the Gold Coast system was first claimed by Nepleslia in YE 35 after the NSS Lovesomebody visited the system. While it is uninhabited, the system is also an extremely important strategic position for Nepleslia as it is the closest star system to the Freespacer system of Null and Void. This allows Nepleslia to station combat units to patrol the area around Null & Void for pirates, smugglers and anyone looking to harm the Freespacers. While the units stationed here are rotated, they are usually from 4th AASP's Death Squadron's cruisers or Interdictor Squadron's destroyers.

It was named after Grand Admiral Charlie Coast.

System description

Sun Type Red Dwarf
Celestial Bodies 2 Gas Giants, 1 Asteroid Belt
Current Occupants NSN

Planetary Information

The two gas planets, simply named Gold I and II, are large gas giants that orbit the the system's red dwarf. While both can be exploited for natural gases, the effort to set up mining operations in a system dominated by the military is considered too much.

The planets and asteroid belt, however, provide excellent cover for smugglers attempting to pass to and from Null & Void as well as pirates looking to prey upon such smugglers.

Due to this high level of illegal activity, Nepleslia stations a heavy military presence to interdict these ships. 4th Fleet's elite Death Squadron is often deployed here, given their vast experience at capturing criminals.

In-system Assets

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