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Hades Star System

Factional Information
Major Controlling Faction Zen Armaments, The Black Syndicate
Species Nepleslian, Geshrin, Jiyuuian, Human
Languages Trade (language), Yamataigo (邪馬台語)
Start Date of Habitation YE 30
Map Location 100 Light Years 'Below' the Kikyo Elliptical in grid square 2115.
Approx. Total Population 544,320
(as of YE 39)

Source System - Lavemelus Helka Save
Stellar Data
Spectral Classification K8V
Stellar Mass 0.536 Standard Solar Masses
Stellar Radii 0.608 of Solar Standard
Stellar Luminosity 0.113 of Solar Standard
Distance to Heliopause 53 AU

A single star system located two hundred and fifty-six light years 'below' the Kikyo Sector's elliptical plane. It is also far beyond the authority of any of the major faction's or even the minor faction's rules, regulations, and above all control. Settled in YE 30 by elements of Nepleslia's The Black Syndicate, it originally started life as a mixed purpose colony. The primary of them being a safe house for individuals who'd gone above the normal ruckus that is normal to the Nepleslian population and needed a far off place to lay low but with all the comforts expected of the Syndicate's members. However it soon grew into a larger scale industrial colony utilized by Zen Armaments as a design, testing, and large scale manufacturing establishment. With the workers however came their families and then steadily spreading knowledge of the colonies existence and what started as effectively a blacksite soon became an extra-national colony in the debauch style known to criminals. A hang-out and trading post for pirates, miscreants, slavers, and even the occasional Mishhuvurthyar vessel. In this swirling chaos a decent sized population treds between the criminals, the lords of the syndicate, and the various people and species venturing through looking for adventure, pleasure, or simply something to kill. Thus what was once a closed secret that grew into an open one is now well known among various circles back in the civilized star systems. The extent of which their intelligence organs have infiltrated however remains unknown to all but the highest Syndicate members on site. However this debauch reputation has been tempered somewhat by the arrival of a Jiyuuian population in YE 36.

Like many others, this group of survivors barely made it out of the fall of the UOC through various channels and harrowing moments. However, unlike the majority that accepted the loss, still held firmly with the idea of a Jiyuuian state and the ideas it represented. As a result, this group in particular did not want to fade into other nations such as Nepleslia and Yamatai, especially the latter, as it was a nation which they had left in disgust and felt had deliberately allowed the Mishhuvurthyar to destroy them. Out of desperation and the will to save the dream, these Jiyuuians turned to the Syndicate. Safety and long term harbor under the powerful group's protection came in exchange for assistance in the legal side of their empire to expand their ship building capabilities.

Political Situation and Status of Star System

A star system of two political realities and standards, one being the chaotic crime fueled bliss of The Pit and those it attracts and the other being the orderly and lawful Jiyuuian colony on Oshima. Various agreements and unspoken lines exist to keep these two worlds from mixing in a less then voluntary manner, often times enforced at the end of a gun or axe handle when a particular group of raiders and brigands venture into what most regard as the 'blue zones' controlled by the Jiyuuians. For the Black Syndicate its the simple matter of keeping what they regard as a profitable and long term enterprise stable and agreeable, knowing the differences in mindset between the average criminal and a lawful former United Outer Colonies citizen. For now this balance remains stable, the powerful criminal syndicates on The Pit not wanting to rock the boat with the largest, The Black Syndicate, and the Jiyuuians having established themselves and a security force continue to look after their own interests while holding up their end of the bargain.

Military and Security Forces In-System

There are effectively three major armed groups within the Hades System, the first being the Black Syndicate and their associated security forces both directly controlled and indirectly hired private military companies. The second is the defense and security forces of the Jiyuuian colony world of Oshima who maintain a cordon around their world and their assets within the Hades System. Finally the third is the myriad of pirates, brigands, gangs, and various other miscreants that call the star system home or in the very least a port of call. For now the Syndicate remains as the strongest of the three and maintains their word as law within the system's confines.

Notable System Infrastructure

Below are listed the various large scale pieces of infrastructure present in the Hades Star System.

Tykolz Machine Plant

A massive semi-subterranean weapons and equipment manufacturing plant located on the northern reaches of The Pit's largest continent. Sprawling over nearly sixty square kilometers above ground and reaching nearly one into the barren tundra of that part of the planet. It is one of the largest operations owned and operated by Zen Armaments and is one of the largest consumers of raw materials in the star system. From here large volumes of small arms, armor, and various other infantry systems flow into the various retail fronts to be sold by Zen Armaments either directly or as a supplier.

  • Location - Arkhangelsk, The Pit

Myrez Machine Plant

Another large factory and foundry complex located on the northern reaches of the Pit's largest continent, this eighty square kilometer facility is mostly oriented around the production of vehicles, fighters, and various other craft and their related components. Often times systems on Myrez's production lines have been manufactured specifically for a buyer request and will not see a retailer. However the bulk of what it produces finds its way into various merchant and private military fleets.

  • Location - Arkhangelsk, The Pit

Arkhangelsk Surface Fleet Yards

One of Zen Armament's primary ship manufacturing complex's for vessels between 100 to 500 meters in length. It effectively consists of a vast flat paved area nearly one hundred square kilometers in coverage on the surface dotted with foundries, fitting buildings, and vast crane lined cradles for the construction of starships. Many in various states of construction can be founded here among swarms of workers and enforcers (looking for those with sticky fingers) on the snow swept tarmac.

  • Location - Arkhangelsk, The Pit

Sapporo Surface Fleet Yards

A somewhat experimental venture into surface shipyards launched when the need arose for a ability to manufacture the first generation of their own star ship designs. It consists of a large paved area of thirty square kilometers with numerous ship production lines. These start in foundry complexes which gradually work their way through various assembly buildings before the end in a final assembly cradle all lined by large cranes and movable overhead cover.

  • Location - Sapporo, Planet Oshima

Mori Heavy Machine Works

The pilot plant for a mostly automated design consisting of a large twenty square kilometer structure with a closed line production style, meaning raw materials go in and finished products come out. Vast interior manufacturing lines with programmable component 3D printers allow the complex to change 'tooling' with the stroke of a few electronic keys. For now the Mori plant is being used to support the Oshiman population's fledgling industrial industry but plans as of YE 39 have been started to both expand Mori HMW and begin building more facilities like it.

  • Location - Mori, Planet Oshima

Planetary Data

Listed and described below are the various astral bodies present in the Hades Star System.
Star System Diagram

The Pit

To quote a famous line, The Pit is a wretch hive of scum and villainy. If it can't be found, purchased, stolen, or acquired by various means on this world it probably isn't illegal. A temperate and comfortable tropical planet it was originally selected to be a high dollar 'safe' house for Black Syndicate members but the draw of expanding it beyond this humble purpose eventually turned The Pit into what it is now. One part industrial works with its second largest city located in the north of the main continent, known as Arkhangelsk. This settlement was built over an ancient large volcanic 'trap' eruption, something which left the surface of that area littered in easy to mine metallic ores and minerals which has let to it being the core of The Pit's industrial might. The other settlement located in the more tropical latitudes grew around the original Black Syndicate site and was named for it, known as Mayak. Now with several years of unchecked growth, unregulated urban sprawl, and the influx of a boisterous and rebellious population Mayak has turned into a chaotic mix of profit, gambling, prostitution, crime, all floating overtop the continuing enterprises of the Black Syndicate.

Planetary Physics
Orbital Radius 37,269,640 Km
Planetary Radius 6,135 Km
Gravity 0.97 G
Atmosphere 1.03 Standard Atmospheres
Population 456.7 Thousand


With the exception of a few hide outs and safe houses the second planet of the Hades system has seen little in the way of development outside of a few pirate bases on the surface. This changed when a group of Jiyuuians approached Zen Armaments looking for funds to start their own company, the resulting deal also included a site which was selected in the tropical region of Hades II which is now known as Planet Oshima. Starting with just hired help and their families, as word of a new Jiyuuian settlement spread more began to arrive until Oshima became a colony in its own right all working toward the reestablishment of Jiyuuian technological industry for their benefit. Oshima has two major settlements, the first being the original in the more tropical region of the planet located on the coast. This is the primary seat of what is effectively the planet's government. The other located toward the north and built on a site very similar to The Pit's Mayak is known as Mori and is slowly growing into what the Oshiman population hopes will be the future center of their industry.

Unlike the Syndicate run world of The Pit, Oshima is an example of stability. Keeping some of their system from the former United Outer Colonies (however all vestiges of aristocratic lords have been sworn off) it is an orderly and industrious place and the government there maintains the forces to ensure it stays that way (should the Black Syndicate's warnings not be heeded).

Planetary Physics
Orbital Radius 62,972,840 Km
Planetary Radius 6,161 Km
Gravity 1.08 G
Atmosphere 1.05 Standard Atmospheres
Population 70.7 Thousand

Hades Inner Alpha Belt

The first of two asteroid belts in the Hades system, it marks the inner boundary of the star system with a vast field thought to be the remains of a planet roughly 76 standard masses in size. This area is patrolled by the defense forces of the Oshiman government and is classified as one of their 'blue zones', effectively off limits to cautious pirates. A handful of large automated asteroid processing facilities capture and refine the contents of the various hunks of space rocks in this belt. Half going to The Pit and the other percentage gifted on credit to the Oshimans.

Planetary Physics
Orbital Radius 106,427,312 Km
Orbital Width 39,013,158 Km
Population 2.7 Thousand

Hades Inner Bravo Belt

The outer boundary of the inner star system, the Bravo belt while larger in mass contains bodies with a lower profitable yield then the Alpha belt however this area is considered a free for all. A handful of miners continuously operate out here, taking their hauls to either the Oshimans or The Pit for sale. However the lack of security can make such mining operations dicey and they are often heavily armed to ward off the bold pirate or alien attack.

Planetary Physics
Orbital Radius 138,395,667 Km
Orbital Width 48,475,213 Km
Population 2.2 Thousand

Hades III

A frozen world with a dense helium and nitrogen atmosphere, its surface an interesting slush of hydrocarbon ice and liquids forming a hydro-logical cycle of their own. Like the Bravo Asteroid field this is also a open 'zone' of sorts where those who dare may be able to exploit the various possible resources the planet has to offer. These often being various exotic hydrocarbons and fusion fuels extracted from the planet's atmosphere and surface.

Planetary Physics
Orbital Radius 304,020,663 Km
Planetary Radius 4,501 Km
Gravity 0.84 G
Atmosphere 1.00 Standard Atmospheres
Population 1.57 Thousand

Hades IV

A smaller then average sized gas giant and the last planet in the system, it somewhat overlaps Hades III's orbit and it is theorized at some point it may capture or fling the planet from the star system. Hades IV being the primary source of in system fusion fuels has an interesting territorial layout for the various actors in system. Both Zen Armaments and the Oshiman's share a equatorial orbit over the planet with various gas mining rigs and both companies control the two largest of Hades IV's moons. However the rest has been left as a 'free zone' with various independents working toward acquiring goods while dealing with the brigands and pirates that have ventured out this far. Aside from the corporate facilities on the two largest moons the others feature numerous small enclaves and habitats either setup as covert bases or as long term stays by intrepid miners.

Planetary Physics
Orbital Radius 454,585,190 Km
Planetary Radius 37,674 Km
Gravity 0.76 G
Atmosphere Jovian Atmosphere
Population 10.45 Thousand
Natural Satellites

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