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Heled (Lkihujngfv)

Heled is a planetary system with a habitable planet located roughly 110 lightyears 'southeast' of Yamatai. Aside from having a breathable atmosphere and a small SMX Garrison, the tiny system was unremarkable for quite a while.

When Star Army Fifth Fleet cleaned the system out, it lay untouched and unclaimed.

More about Heled

Heled is a System that has been inhabited by SMX remnants since YE 30, who kept a low profile, even during the NMX war, using the conflict to avoid detection. In YE 35, however, they were discovered and wiped out by the Fifth Fleet.

Star System Data

Star Data
Type K9 V Orange Main Sequence
Radius 6.35 x 105 km (0.91 x sol)
Mass 1.66 x 1030 kg (0.83 x sol)
Temperature 3600 K
Luminosity 1.84 x 1026 W (0.48 x sol)
Heled I
Type Rock Planet
Orbital Radius 6.51 x 107 km (0.44 AU)
Period 2.75 x 103 hours (0.31 earth years)
Gravity 15.09 m/s2 (1.54 x earth)
Heled II
Type Terrestrial World
Orbital Radius 1.61 x 108 km (1.08 AU)
Period 9.61 x 103 hours (1.10 earth years)
Physics Large iron/silicate
Gravity 14.23 m/s2 (1.45 x earth)
Hydrosphere 57 % water, 25 % ice
Atmosphere Dense breathable
Biosphere Prokaryotic microbes
Civilization Glass City

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